This is a flashback as to how far things have come over the past nearly three years.

We take this opportunity to review exactly where Shore Medical Center was 987 days ago during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a replay of coverage that we provided in real time, when so many things were in doubt during the pandemic.

This is the analysis that we provided on March 31, 2020 when Shore Medical Center was facing mounting challenges.

Shore Medical Center is getting a bad rap at exactly the wrong time. This is a time of an unprecedented global health pandemic.

Coronavirus is the “enemy.” This must be our focus. So, I’m taking the time time to set the record straight.

I want you to learn what’s really going on. Shore Medical Center is our community hospital and now more than ever, we must stick together.

Here are undisputed facts that I want you to know about, to counter some confusion and outright falsehoods that are being spread on social media and elsewhere.

1. The intended volunteers for reduction are in non clinical support areas that have nothing to do with patient care.

During internal deliberations, Shore Medical Center initially considered opening it up because they did not want to exclude someone who may have extenuating circumstances that would prevent them from providing care to patients with Covid-19.

2. I have confirmed that no doctors or nurses will be granted a volunteer lay-off. That was never the intention.

3. Ron Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer is leading by example.

Johnson has taken a 35 percent pay reduction during the Coronavirus pandemic.

4. More than a week ago, the senior leadership team also volunteered to take pay cuts ranging from 25% to 35% of their salary.

Next, each of them followed this act of austerity with significant donations to Shore’s COVID-19 emergency fund.

5. An internal company memorandum was leaked to the media. Without fair and proper context, it was then misused in an attempt to cause public relations damage.

Shore Medical Center is focused on providing patients with the very best care during our present health crisis.

Now is not the time to engage in divisive activities. Now is the time for everyone to unite.

The Coronavirus is the most significant challenge of our lifetime.

Our focus must be to stay safe and stay healthy.

When our community bands together, there’s nothing that can stop us.

Join with me in putting a stop to the rumors and innuendo that serve no useful purpose.

Few were willing to tell the truth during these uncertain times.

Because our return to normal, happened in small increments … we shared this as a reminder exactly how much things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a reminder of exactly how things looked like 987 days ago today!

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