This daily dose of good was sent to us by Susan Terwilliger in regards to her sister Rhonda from Galloway.

Credit: Rhonda Terwilliger via Facebook
Credit: Rhonda Terwilliger via Facebook

Susan says that her wonderful sister Rhonda works 3 jobs and is raising 2 kids, all while helping others in need!

Rhonda has been collecting donations for Texas, in light of Hurricane Harvey, and she's driving them all the way there for those in need this Friday, September 29th, thanks to Keri Horner who donated the truck they are using!

Rhonda has been hosting events across South Jersey to help those who have been impacted by natural disasters, most specifically Hurricane Harvey.  And the amount of support she has received in her efforts through donations of money, home goods, baked goods, and love has been truly overwhelming to see.

Rhonda takes the time to even thank every single person who has participated in the efforts through her Facebook page.

For those of you who need a perspective of what it's still like down in Texas, Rhonda has made it quite clear that they're still very much in need

Please be sure to add Rhonda on Facebook to see all who have donated.

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