Ah, the internet. Use it and abuse it. That's how it goes.

I started ready comments on Facebook about a girl bitten by a snake. This reportedly happened in Somers Point. Wait. It happened in Cape May County. Wait. It happened in Salem County.

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The good news is that's it is, indeed, fake news.

While there are copperheads in New Jersey, the folks at Rutgers say they're mostly in the far northwest corner of the state.

This case, though, is fake news.

A quick check of Facebook posts and one can find the same copperhead "story" posted in several locations. It's been posted as happened in Cape May County, Washinton Township, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Moore County (not sure what what state), Kingston (not sure what state), Sanford (not sure what state). The posts are all identical, with identical photos:


Once again, the post is fake. Reader beware!

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