VOORHEES — A cat found in a Camden County township has tested positive for rabies, according to the County Health Department, which the state Department of Health and Human Services notified.

On May 23, a stray cat was brought to an animal shelter in Voorhees where it was monitored for signs and symptoms of rabies.

Then on June 5, the feline began exhibiting symptoms and was tested at a state lab in Trenton.

Five days later, it was confirmed that the cat was rabid.

The only known human exposure was the veterinarian from the shelter. However, the vet and employees were all notified, proper precautions were taken and the vet has been encouraged to speak to a doctor to discuss any rabies post-exposure prophylaxis.

“Although rabies is a serious illness, it can be prevented by early treatment,” said Commissioner Virginia Betteridge, the Camden County Health Department liaison. “If you have been bitten or scratched by a wild animal it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.”

There have been 32 confirmed rabid animals in New Jersey from January to March 2024, according to the latest statistics from the New Jersey Department of Health, including 19 raccoons, 8 skunks, 2 foxes, and 3 cats.

More information is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  or, residents can call the Camden County Department of Health and Human Services at (856) 374-6370.

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