One of the biggest Hollywood movie stars of the past 45 years was born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey.

He rose to fame as the star “Sweat Hog” in the hit television series “Welcome Back Kotter.”

From there, he struck the perfect chemistry with Olivia Newton John on the big screen, with the hit movie “Grease.”

He also achieved great popularity in “Saturday Night Fever” and countless movies that have followed since.

By now, you know that I’m talking about John Travolta.

Travolta was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, where he attended Dwight Morrow High School.

Travolta took a big chance and dropped out of high school at the age of 17 years old.

Travolta moved to New York and was selected for a role in the musical, Grease.

The risky move worked and the rest is history, as Travolta went on to television success and then he made it big as a leading motion picture actor.

Travolta is the most famous person ever board in Englewood, New Jersey.

However, there are other famous people were who were also born in Bergen County, New Jersey.

NFL Super Bowl Championship Head Coach Bill Parcells, just like Travolta, Parcells was also born in Englewood, New Jersey.

Another famous Bergen County, New Jerseyan is the actress (Glee) and singer Lea Michele.

Michele attended and graduated from Tenafly High School.

Nick Jonas, of The Jonas Brother’s was raised in Wycokoff, New Jersey.

Jonas was discovered singing at a barbershop in New Jersey at a very young age.

These four famous people all came from one County in New Jersey.

New Jersey is the home of many famous actors, entertainers and sports figures.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.

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