LOGAN TOWNSHIP — A spill of tar caused damage to nearly two dozen vehicle on Interstate 295 just before the start of the Tuesday morning commute.

The tar spilled onto the southbound center and right lanes interstate and left a trail of about two miles approaching exit 11 for Route 322 and the Commodore Barry Bridge around 5:40 a.m., according to Trooper Alejandro Goez, a spokesman for the State Police.

The tar started off around milepost 13 and became less thick as it got closer to Route 322, according to Goez, who said an investigation is ongoing. He said he did not have a description of the truck that spilled the tar.

Goez said about 20 vehicles got caught in the tar, coating their tires. Fox Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley in a message on Twitter said drivers felt like their cars were suddenly went out of alignment. Pictures showed the tar leaving a thick coating that could be stretched and pulled.

Department of Transportation crews helped remove the tar from the roadway.

There were no injuries associated with the spill.


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