This might be the dang cutest thing you'll see today.

From what I've been able to gather Allyson Berger is a young woman on a career path, hopefully, to fame and fortune.

Allyson's Facebook page says she's a "FunSized On-Camera Host, Travel Vlogger, and Lifestyle Influencer."

Allyson actually seems to be starting off on the right foot, working hard and getting herself "out there."

Apparently, she was recently involved in a photoshoot for an Atlantic City Casino - Ocean Casino Resort - and she ended up on one of the casino's billboards.

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It seems that Allyson does not live in the Atlantic City area, but she recently took the time to drive here to check out herself on the billboard.

Her anticipation of seeing herself, and then her reaction of actually seeing herself on the big billboard are priceless:

Allyson's billboard is on the Atlantic City Expressway, near Milemarker 3.3, heading into the city.

"That's me! It's me, on the Atlantic City Expressway! Doesn't it look like me? Come see me!"

Here's a quick look at the life of Allyson in less than twenty seconds!

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