A flag was stolen and a car window shattered Saturday during a contentious Trump vehicle parade in Pleasantville and a 16-year-old is facing charges for theft and criminal mischief.

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A profanity-filled video posted on Facebook shows pick-up trucks, cars and other vehicles with American flags and Trump flags travelling down Main Street in Pleasantville with their horns honking as they encounter taunting protesters on the sidewalk chanting "Black Lives Matter".

At several points in the video, protestors can be seen approaching parade vehicles stopped in traffic and taking Trump flags, waving them and attempting to light them on fire.

One car in the parade is shown having a flag pulled out of its passenger window, followed by a quick image of the car's shattered window.

Several people on the sidewalk during the parade are seen shouting at the Trump vehicles, as merchants along the street quickly try to close their businesses.

The Facebook video has comments saying paraders were yelling derogatory remarks at people on the sidewalk as they passed, although that isn't clearly heard on the video.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, an unnamed 16-year boy is facing one count of theft and one count of criminal mischief in connection with the car with the broken window.

Pleasantville Police Chief Sean Riggin told the Press of Atlantic City police arrived at the intersection of Main and Milan streets at 10:45am after the parade had ended. Riggin did not know the name of the group holding the parade.

The attached Facebook video contains explicit language....

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