This is a real life heroic story with a tragic ending.

At approximately 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, David and Tereasa Callaway were traveling eastbound on the Atlantic City side of Route 30 to pick-up their Daughter from work.

Their Family’s lives would change forever just a brief few moments later.

During their drive, they came across an overturned vehicle that had come to rest on its hood.

I have confirmed that it was a single car crash at this point in time.

Instead of just driving by like most people would do, The Callaway’s stopped to lend direct aid to the injured driver.

David and Tereasa pulled the driver out of the car and were in the process of carrying her to safety … one on each side of the crash victim.

With no warning, another car entered their path. The driver of this car struck Tereasa and David and the crash victim were injured during the second drivers appearance on the scene.

Tragically, Tereasa was struck and killed. David was injured and has now been released from the hospital. The single car accident victim is alive and suffered additional unknown injuries.

On a personal note, Tereasa was a loving Mother of 6 children and three Grandchildren. She had plans to travel to Georgia in the near future to meet her third Grandchild for the first time.

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Many things have been said and written about The Callaway Family over the past 30 years, during their involvement with public service and elections.

Let the official record reflect that Tereasa Callaway died a Hero. Her last act in this life was to put a stranger’s life ahead of her own on a dark night, on a dangerous roadway … and, that she and David saved the life of another person.

The Callaway Family is an extremely close-knit family. I have spoken to David’s Brother, Craig.

The family is understandably in shock and in mourning.

Many unkind things have been said and written about The Callaway family over the years.

I have long maintained that no matter what you’ve heard in the past; when no one was looking … this is the true character of their family.

Everyone makes mistakes in this rough and tumble game of life.

Let’s get out of the business of judging people on their worst day.

Instead, remember the courage and humanity that David and Tereasa Callaway demonstrated  when no one was watching their actions.

SOURCE: The Callaway Family

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