If you are like me, you love avocado. It is great on toast and sushi, makes fresh guacamole and delicious in a salad. Most of us eat the green soft part and toss the pit. Believe it or not, some of the biggest health benefits are actually found in the seed.

Yet, that is where we find some of the biggest health benefits. So how do we eat it? 

About 70% of the antioxidants and amino acids are in the seed, yet it is about as big as a golf ball so we can't just pop it in our mouth.

Here is the simple process of making avocado pit powder, along with some other great facts about the avocado seed.

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    Grow More Avocado

    If you like avocado as much as I do and wouldn't mind growing your own to have at leisure, you could save the pit. By saving the pit and replanting it in your backyard you have the capability of growing your very own avocados. Pretty cool right?

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    Preserve Avocado Guacamole

    Have you noticed, avocado doesn't seem to last long in the refrigerator for more than a day or so? It begins to oxidize and turn dark brown. Interesting fact, leaving the pit in the center will help prevent oxidization. By placing the seed in your guacamole, you can help preserve the dip a little longer as well.

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    Make Avocado Powder

    Yes, that's right! You can make powder from the seed. Rinse the seed after removing it from the avocado. Wait for the seed to dry out either in a dry or humid climate or the warmth of the oven. Once the skin comes off of the seed you can cut it finely and put in a food processor which creates the powder. You can use the powder for internal or external use.

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    Add Nutrients To Your Meals

    You can use the avocado seed powder in your oatmeal, shakes, or even when baking. It is high in dietary fiber which balances blood sugar. The seed has anti-microbial properties boosting immune functions and fighting against sickness.

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    Skin Care

    Add avocado seed powder to your current facial cleansing cream or make your own at home facial mask. The seed has anti-aging properties that help minimize the appearance of wrinkles while making the skin more firm and youthful.

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