Monday will be the fifth consecutive day of 90s in the Garden State, but brief relief from the heat and humidity is in the forecast.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, July 18, 2016...

Another Day of 90+

Welcome back to the workweek, New Jersey! And welcome back to the hot summer weather, as our heat wave rolls along. Monday will be day #4 in a row of 90+ degrees for Newark Airport, and day #5 in a row for Atlantic City Airport. For those sick of the heat, there are some temporary improvements in the forecast - keep reading!

Monday's high temperatures will top 90 degrees for almost the entirety of New Jersey, perhaps with the exception of the northwest corner of the state. (Yes, even the Jersey Shore is prone to reach around the 90-degree mark.) But you'll notice there have been no heat advisories issued (as of this writing), and there's no mention of "heat index" either. That's because, while humidity is high and dew points will be in the 70s for Monday morning, they will decrease markedly by Monday afternoon. So it won't be as "steamy" or "tropical" or "dangerous". Additionally, some cloudiness will limit the effects of the hot sun.

Furthermore, as we have seen several times over the past week, a round of thunderstorms will be possible from an approaching front. Best guess at timing for the storms would be 2 p.m. Monday possibly through early Tuesday morning. While models have been conservative about the storm coverage, let's not get fooled again. Keep an eye and an ear on the sky Monday afternoon and evening, as any storms that form may produce torrential rain and potentially damaging winds.

Heat and Humidity Recede

Behind the aforementioned front pushing through New Jersey Monday night, we find somewhat cooler and significantly drier air. That's going to lead to a couple of simply beautiful days. By Tuesday afternoon, you'll notice the lack of humidity in the air. It's still going to be quite warm, however, with high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s - and we may still hit 90 degrees in South Jersey on Tuesday. I can't rule out an isolated shower on Tuesday, but for the most part we should enjoy mostly sunny skies.

Wednesday is hereby awarded the weather-winner of the week, thanks to sunshine, warm temperatures, and very low humidity. Highs will range from about 80 to 85 degrees. Get outside and enjoy it!

Heat and Humidity Return

Remember how I said Wednesday would be a fantastic weather day? Unfortunately, things start to go downhill again on Thursday.

A wind shift on Thursday will do two things. First, it will cause atmospheric moisture to increase throughout the day, enacting a noticeable rise in humidity. Second, warmer air will return tomorrow, and we'll really be cooking by the weekend.

Thursday's high temperature forecast currently calls for mid to upper 80s, which is about normal for late July. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday could be the start of another heat wave with widespread 90s again. Daily thunderstorm chances will be in the forecast through the weekend too.

Details will become clearer as the week progresses, but we'll be specifically watching for the chance of severe weather and/or potential 100 degree temperatures by early next week. Yuck.

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