Special education is expensive.

Among the districts in the state with the highest per-pupil spending are the eight county-wide educational services commissions that serve special-needs students.

Bergen County's special services district, with a budget of $63.8 million, spent $97,424 per student in 2015-16.

That's nearly five times the average per-pupil cost in the state — $20,385, according to data released last week by the state Department of Education. The average cost increased 3.8 percent from the previous year.

The numbers were released as part of the annual Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending.

See the per-pupil cost for your district in the list below.

"The annual spending guide is a tool designed to provide transparency to New Jerseyans about how schools spend their taxpayer dollars to educate students," Acting Education Commissioner Kimberley Harrington said.

The data compares district's costs on teacher salaries, administrator pay and supplies.

The districts with the largest budgets include the 31 School Development Authority districts, more commonly known as "Abbott districts," which are in economically disadvantaged communities and benefit from decades of court orders mandating state subsidies. Half of all state education aid goes to these districts.

But when the money is divided by the districts' large student enrollments, their per-pupil amounts are matched or surpassed by many of the state's smaller and less disadvantaged districts.

Excluding the educational services commissions, these are the Top 10 per-pupil costs in the state. Two Abbott districts — Asbury Park and Keansburg — make the list.

  1. Avalon — $4.5M budget — $60,129 per pupil
  2. Stone Harbor — $3.2M budget — $38,451 per pupil
  3. Greater Brunswick Charter — $13.9M budget — $35,981 per pupil
  4. Asbury Park — $84.7M budget — $35,636 per pupil
  5. Beach Haven — $2.1M budget — $33,533 per pupil
  6. Carlstadt-East Rutherford — $16.3M budget — $33,000 per pupil
  7. Long Beach Island — $7.7M budget — $32,913 per pupil
  8. Margate — $15.8M — $32,129 per pupil
  9. Keansburg — $48.9M budget — $31,436 per pupil
  10. Henry Hudson Regional — $9.4M budget — $31,378 per pupil

When we look just at what districts spend in total, these are the Top 10 budgets in the state. All but Edison are former Abbott districts.

  1. Newark — $956.7M budget — $22,735 per pupil
  2. Jersey City — $706.7M budget — $22,751 per pupil
  3. Paterson — $618,9M budget — $21,766 per pupil
  4. Elizabeth — $585.8M budget — $21,387 per pupil
  5. Passaic — $347.1M budget — $23,336 per pupil
  6. Trenton — $318.7M budget — $23,326 per pupil
  7. Camden — $316,8M budget — $29,455 per pupil
  8. Union City — $313.5M budget — $22,782 per pupil
  9. East Orange — $280.9M budget — $27,699 per pupil
  10. Edison — $266.8M budget — $17,472 per pupil

State lawmakers have been trying to hammer out a new school funding formula by early June.

Top per-pupil costs by county

For the 2015-16 school year. Data released April 2017.


    Atlantic Co. Special Services

    Atlantic County Special Services, with a budget of $23.2 million, was the most expensive in the county with a per-pupil cost of $60,051. Atlantic City had the biggest budget.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    ATLANTIC CO SPECIAL SERV$23,211,479$60,051
    MARGATE CITY$15,803,186$32,129
    BRIGANTINE CITY$21,216,024$26,176
    MAINLAND REGIONAL$32,410,374$24,558
    ATLANTIC CITY$179,038,833$24,409
    EGG HARBOR CITY$12,858,138$24,392
    PLEASANTVILLE CITY$97,755,616$24,372
    GREATER EGG HARBOR REG$81,147,690$23,923
    VENTNOR CITY$24,392,451$23,880
    BUENA REGIONAL$44,747,416$23,435
    WEYMOUTH TWP$4,989,439$21,609
    ESTELL MANOR CITY$4,427,583$21,177
    EGG HARBOR TWP$148,145,904$19,954
    GALLOWAY TWP$66,344,936$19,842
    SOMERS POINT CITY$19,188,867$19,482
    CHARTERTECH HIGH SCHOOL$6,378,139$19,275
    ATLANTIC COMMUNITY CHARTE$2,785,967$18,660
    LINWOOD CITY$15,480,321$18,500
    NORTHFIELD CITY$16,674,299$18,315
    FOLSOM BORO$8,871,306$18,275
    HAMILTON TWP$54,606,806$17,907
    MULLICA TWP$13,285,020$17,711
    ATLANTIC CO VOCATIONAL$26,194,327$17,592
    PORT REPUBLIC CITY$2,998,951$17,327
    ABSECON CITY$15,140,516$16,971
    INTERNATIONAL ACAD OF ATL$3,965,184$15,931
    HAMMONTON TOWN$55,119,786$15,030
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    Bergen Co. Special Services

    Bergen County Special Services, with a budget of $63.8 million, was the most expensive district in the county at $97,424 per pupil. The most expensive regular school district, Carlstadt-East Rutherford, came in third at $33,000 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer pupil
    BERGEN CO SPECIAL SERVICE$63,826,293$97,424
    BERGEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL$76,801,115$35,568
    CARLSTADT-EAST RUTHERFORD$16,381,609$33,000
    ALPINE BORO$6,811,840$30,765
    FRANKLIN LAKES BORO$32,700,438$27,484
    TEANECK TWP$98,437,458$26,486
    PASCACK VALLEY REGIONAL$54,725,553$26,143
    SOUTH HACKENSACK TWP$9,223,727$25,830
    NORTHERN HIGHLANDS REG$34,390,140$24,994
    NORTHERN VALLEY REGIONAL$62,946,169$24,798
    PARK RIDGE BORO$30,578,112$24,792
    RAMAPO-INDIAN HILL REG$57,264,649$24,515
    RIDGEFIELD BORO$41,941,988$24,369
    ENGLEWOOD CITY$76,283,949$24,128
    HAWORTH BORO$10,154,474$23,662
    MIDLAND PARK BORO$23,371,043$23,568
    PARAMUS BORO$92,697,433$23,541
    WOODCLIFF LAKE BORO$17,813,657$23,083
    CARLSTADT BORO$13,257,051$23,064
    SADDLE RIVER BORO$9,147,972$22,849
    DEMAREST BORO$15,661,353$22,766
    MAHWAH TWP$68,733,479$22,657
    ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS BORO$13,404,842$22,608
    GARFIELD CITY$111,929,987$22,234
    OAKLAND BORO$33,151,809$22,141
    EAST RUTHERFORD BORO$18,151,909$21,912
    RAMSEY BORO$62,596,411$21,800
    MOONACHIE BORO$9,036,757$21,756
    HARRINGTON PARK BORO$14,134,603$21,686
    GLEN ROCK BORO$53,018,784$21,443
    RIVER DELL REGIONAL$35,428,034$21,302
    ENGLEWOOD ON THE PALISADE$4,395,558$21,183
    WYCKOFF TWP$44,109,375$21,033
    NORTHVALE BORO$11,332,729$20,959
    UPPER SADDLE RIVER BORO$25,791,701$20,830
    SADDLE BROOK TWP$36,507,012$20,757
    TENAFLY BORO$76,263,771$20,751
    HILLSDALE BORO$24,683,308$20,714
    OLD TAPPAN BORO$15,168,648$20,652
    ALLENDALE BORO$18,828,843$20,624
    LEONIA BORO$37,353,565$20,370
    RIVER VALE TWP$24,406,791$20,310
    ROCHELLE PARK TWP$13,338,327$20,230
    LODI BOROUGH$68,664,138$20,205
    WALDWICK BORO$32,287,321$20,060
    BOGOTA BORO$22,588,383$19,973
    FAIR LAWN BORO$96,636,150$19,957
    NORWOOD BORO$11,845,454$19,807
    WESTWOOD REGIONAL$55,088,151$19,803
    HACKENSACK CITY$112,985,319$19,628
    BERGENFIELD BORO$69,251,626$19,545
    NEW MILFORD BORO$39,164,027$19,432
    CLOSTER BORO$21,875,348$19,397
    RUTHERFORD BORO$49,203,705$19,304
    RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE$110,020,871$19,129
    EMERSON BORO$22,756,403$19,075
    FORT LEE BORO$71,422,515$18,988
    DUMONT BORO$49,551,059$18,962
    CRESSKILL BORO$33,836,278$18,590
    WOOD-RIDGE BORO$22,623,723$18,553
    HO HO KUS BORO$15,990,364$18,288
    LYNDHURST TWP$44,121,784$18,131
    MONTVALE BORO$18,126,168$17,952
    RIDGEFIELD PARK TWP$43,398,527$17,924
    HASBROUCK HEIGHTS BORO$33,893,718$17,876
    MAYWOOD BORO$22,042,899$17,804
    TEANECK COMMUNITY CHARTER$5,445,971$17,803
    EDGEWATER BORO$23,317,628$17,774
    CLIFFSIDE PARK BORO$51,237,770$17,212
    PALISADES PARK$28,372,372$17,121
    ELMWOOD PARK$43,899,101$16,874
    RIVER EDGE BORO$19,824,137$16,832
    ORADELL BORO$12,650,187$16,556
    LITTLE FERRY BORO$22,434,674$16,459
    WALLINGTON BORO$21,760,033$16,417
    BERGEN ARTS AND SCIENCES$15,340,288$15,841
    NORTH ARLINGTON BORO$26,990,670$15,092
    FAIRVIEW BORO$25,361,616$13,837
  • Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ
    Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ

    Burlington Co. Special Services

    Burlington County Special Services, with a budget of $45 million, was the most expensive in the county at $65,329 per pupil. Lenape Regional had the biggest budget.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    BURLINGTON CO SPEC SERV$45,093,186$65,329
    BURLINGTON CITY$50,024,755$28,165
    NEW HANOVER TWP$6,654,707$27,189
    BASS RIVER TWP$2,754,989$25,164
    LENAPE REGIONAL$169,100,663$24,656
    NORTH HANOVER TWP$29,060,732$24,234
    PEMBERTON TWP$124,176,650$24,049
    BURLINGTON CO VOCATIONAL$47,781,394$23,534
    SPRINGFIELD TWP$5,268,909$23,340
    WILLINGBORO TWP$82,475,792$21,630
    BEVERLY CITY$7,542,910$21,600
    SOUTHAMPTON TWP$15,132,846$21,483
    TABERNACLE TWP$15,728,851$21,014
    MOUNT HOLLY TWP$21,365,083$20,988
    MANSFIELD TWP$13,325,562$20,615
    SHAMONG TWP$15,949,647$20,547
    EASTAMPTON TWP$12,422,492$20,380
    MOORESTOWN TWP$79,852,391$20,205
    NORTHERN BURLINGTON REG$41,504,025$20,167
    WOODLAND TWP$3,138,886$20,099
    MEDFORD TWP$55,373,016$20,064
    LUMBERTON TWP$27,737,373$19,753
    CINNAMINSON TWP$48,478,814$19,484
    FLORENCE TWP$31,823,955$19,422
    EVESHAM TWP$86,400,864$19,199
    DELANCO TWP$9,764,726$19,042
    PALMYRA BORO$18,156,201$18,918
    MAPLE SHADE TWP$41,743,277$18,831
    RANCOCAS VALLEY REGIONAL$39,788,678$18,613
    BURLINGTON TWP$73,908,990$18,536
    BORDENTOWN REGIONAL$46,763,304$18,455
    MOUNT LAUREL TWP$78,181,217$18,445
    RIVERSIDE TWP$26,318,731$18,152
    HAINESPORT TWP$11,284,878$17,903
    EDGEWATER PARK TWP$18,517,558$17,552
    DELRAN TWP$52,088,582$17,016
    CHESTERFIELD TWP$12,705,526$16,557
    BENJAMIN BANNEKER PREPARA$2,495,614$16,419
    MEDFORD LAKES BORO$8,363,415$15,263
    RIVERBANK CHARTER SCH OF$1,884,706$13,263
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    The Camden city school district, with a budget of $316.8 million, was the most expensive in the county at $29,455 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    CAMDEN CITY$316,863,502$29,455
    GLOUCESTER CITY$57,562,865$25,148
    WINSLOW TWP$115,655,581$23,290
    KIPP COOPER NORCROSS$11,323,200$23,163
    CAMDEN COUNTY VOCATIONAL$46,691,409$22,956
    CAMDEN PREP$6,622,126$22,258
    CAMDEN'S PROMISE CS$10,934,661$22,243
    BERLIN TWP$16,962,818$21,057
    CAMDEN ACADEMY CHARTER HS$10,380,235$20,991
    LAWNSIDE BORO$9,332,187$20,966
    BLACK HORSE PIKE REGIONAL$78,515,375$20,572
    GIBBSBORO BORO$5,280,462$20,511
    ENVIRONMENT COMMUNITY OPP$3,651,845$20,232
    PINE HILL BORO$39,197,515$20,210
    CLEMENTON BORO$12,484,735$19,863
    PENNSAUKEN TWP$100,548,444$19,540
    COLLINGSWOOD BORO$38,216,167$19,466
    KNOWLEDGE A TO Z CHARTER SCHOOL$6,187,396$19,372
    VOORHEES TWP$57,083,274$19,174
    EASTERN CAMDEN COUNTY REG$39,125,102$19,025
    MOUNT EPHRAIM BORO$11,647,058$18,698
    STRATFORD BORO$15,873,679$18,589
    MERCHANTVILLE BORO$7,961,681$18,384
    HADDON HEIGHTS BORO$23,937,339$18,244
    CHERRY HILL TWP$205,688,624$18,229
    LEAP ACADEMY UNIVERSITY C$25,816,521$18,032
    BROOKLAWN BORO$6,995,078$18,016
    WATERFORD TWP$29,357,852$17,974
    HADDON TWP$37,848,547$17,901
    GLOUCESTER TWP$116,479,565$17,881
    MAGNOLIA BORO$7,798,348$17,851
    HOPE COMMUNITY CS$3,110,318$17,794
    MASTERY SCHOOLS OF CAMDE$24,570,500$17,747
    AUDUBON BORO$27,768,625$17,714
    FREEDOM PREP CHARTER SCHO$14,147,393$17,671
    STERLING HIGH SCHOOL DIST$17,269,839$17,646
    BARRINGTON BORO$14,923,327$17,645
    SOMERDALE BORO$8,883,632$17,194
    RUNNEMEDE BORO$14,908,611$17,108
    LINDENWOLD BORO$48,232,143$16,995
    OAKLYN BORO$7,981,793$16,802
    WOODLYNNE BORO$9,767,222$16,639
    HADDONFIELD BORO$43,535,113$16,260
    LAUREL SPRINGS BORO$5,534,369$16,164
    BELLMAWR BORO$19,037,090$15,530
    BERLIN BORO$13,194,375$15,462
    CAMDEN COMMUNITY CHARTER$10,049,496$14,600
    THE KINGDOM CHARTER SCHOO$2,684,229$13,660
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    Avalon, with a budget of $4.5 million, was the most expensive in the county at $60,129 per pupil. Other larger districts, however, had bigger budgets.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    AVALON BORO$4,524,708$60,129
    CAPE MAY CO SPECIAL SERV$13,347,637$55,841
    STONE HARBOR BORO$3,246,130$38,451
    NORTH WILDWOOD CITY$9,460,698$29,411
    WILDWOOD CREST BORO$7,996,502$26,627
    WILDWOOD CITY$22,220,752$25,707
    DENNIS TWP$16,850,256$25,388
    CAPE MAY CO VOCATIONAL$16,716,412$24,177
    LOWER CAPE MAY REGIONAL$33,540,380$24,030
    WOODBINE BORO$6,471,543$23,099
    WEST CAPE MAY BORO$1,887,809$22,360
    OCEAN CITY$46,559,822$21,830
    CAPE MAY CITY$3,895,206$20,386
    MIDDLE TWP$50,932,314$19,857
    UPPER TWP$37,202,358$17,929
    LOWER TWP$31,369,123$17,870
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    Cumberland Co. Vocational

    The Cumberland County Vocational district, with a budget of $11.2 million, was the most expensive in the county at $30,310. Other districts in the county had higher total budgets.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    CUMBERLAND CO VOCATIONAL$11,221,344$30,310
    GREENWICH TWP$1,477,743$23,843
    CUMBERLAND REGIONAL$26,370,189$21,060
    DOWNE TWP$4,259,649$20,645
    VINELAND CITY$222,644,190$20,026
    MILLVILLE CITY$116,919,039$20,007
    BRIDGETON CITY$122,979,967$19,631
    STOW CREEK TWP$2,177,577$19,325
    UPPER DEERFIELD TWP$17,591,577$19,249
    DEERFIELD TWP$6,414,708$18,984
    COMMERCIAL TWP$14,828,658$18,183
    FAIRFIELD TWP$12,211,739$18,043
    LAWRENCE TWP$10,632,996$17,422
    HOPEWELL TWP$8,555,725$17,074
    MAURICE RIVER TWP$9,097,977$17,023
    BRIDGETON PUBLIC CHARTER$1,483,874$15,441
    MILLVILLE PUBLIC CHARTER$2,956,831$11,865
    COMPASS ACADEMY CHARTER S$2,003,380$11,396
    VINELAND PUBLIC CHARTER S$3,737,033$11,212
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    New Horizons Community

    A charter school with a budget of $11.9 million was the most expensive district in the county at $27,701 per pupil. Newark's city school district had the biggest budget, $956.7 million, but a per-pupil cost of just $22,735.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    NEW HORIZONS COMMUNITY CH$11,961,283$27,701
    EAST ORANGE$280,991,297$27,699
    WEST ORANGE TOWN$164,078,043$24,156
    ESSEX FELLS BORO$5,099,713$24,148
    WEST ESSEX REGIONAL$42,175,633$24,146
    IRVINGTON TOWNSHIP$177,142,380$23,458
    ROSELAND BORO$10,027,302$23,146
    NEWARK CITY$956,775,489$22,735
    ESSEX CO VOC-TECH$48,948,675$22,690
    CITY OF ORANGE TWP$126,148,649$22,422
    MARIA VARISCO ROGERS CHAR$10,861,181$22,376
    NEWARK EDUCATORS COMMUNIT$5,604,733$22,188
    LIVINGSTON TWP$128,086,869$21,294
    TEAM ACADEMY CHARTER SCHO$67,946,149$21,114
    LADY LIBERTY ACADEMY CHAR$9,196,553$20,963
    DISCOVERY CHARTER SCHOOL$1,671,470$20,893
    GREAT OAKS LEGACY CHARTER$9,486,589$20,614
    NORTH CALDWELL BORO$14,042,104$20,471
    MONTCLAIR TOWN$138,009,337$20,441
    PEOPLES PREPARATORY CHART$7,423,271$19,987
    MILLBURN TWP$98,279,810$19,890
    NEWARK LEGACY CS$11,760,005$19,788
    MARION P. THOMAS CHARTER$24,408,161$19,670
    CEDAR GROVE TWP$32,560,360$19,664
    FAIRFIELD TWP$12,767,563$19,542
    SOUTH ORANGE-MAPLEWOOD$136,772,116$19,413
    UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS CHARTE$11,002,155$19,178
    VERONA BORO$39,774,555$18,260
    NORTH STAR ACADEMY CHARTE$72,868,190$18,259
    PRIDE ACADEMY CHARTER SCH$5,158,264$17,992
    GLEN RIDGE BORO$34,266,512$17,890
    NUTLEY TOWN$72,099,371$17,684
    PAULO FREIRE CHARTER SCHO$4,717,529$17,459
    NEWARK PREP CHARTER SCHOO$7,798,237$17,345
    MERIT PREPARATORY CHARTER$6,488,407$17,302
    ROBERT TREAT ACADEMY CHAR$11,131,057$17,170
    BURCH CHARTER SCHOOL OF E$5,833,973$16,984
    CALDWELL-WEST CALDWELL$49,185,544$16,849
    LINK COMMUNITY CHARTER SC$4,795,810$16,751
    BLOOMFIELD TWP$106,390,681$16,724
    BELLEVILLE TOWN$75,671,678$16,150
    EAST ORANGE COMMUNITY CHA$7,803,526$16,050
    ROSEVILLE COMMUNITY CHART$5,385,917$15,463
    THE GRAY CHARTER SCHOOL$4,640,032$14,268
    PHILLIP'S ACADEMY CHARTER$5,260,364$14,046
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    Gloucester Co. Special Services

    Gloucester County Special Services, with a budget of $37.2 million, was the most expensive in the county at $52,862 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    GLOUCESTER CO SPEC SERV$37,253,965$52,862
    GATEWAY REGIONAL$22,838,059$24,156
    GREENWICH TWP$13,206,531$23,508
    DELSEA REGIONAL H.S DIST.$36,955,274$22,343
    WOODBURY CITY$33,028,640$21,500
    WASHINGTON TWP$158,044,342$21,429
    PITMAN BORO$28,611,355$20,696
    PAULSBORO BORO$24,699,196$20,686
    GLOUCESTER CO VOCATIONAL$25,766,090$18,728
    WENONAH BORO$3,680,548$18,719
    MANTUA TWP$23,020,845$18,525
    WESTVILLE BORO$6,765,863$18,334
    WOODBURY HEIGHTS BORO$4,146,903$18,251
    DEPTFORD TWP$78,736,520$17,885
    LOGAN TWP$20,137,403$17,831
    CLAYTON BORO$26,236,511$17,751
    ELK TWP$6,033,979$17,451
    NATIONAL PARK BORO$4,918,010$17,446
    CLEARVIEW REGIONAL$42,249,192$17,286
    WEST DEPTFORD TWP$51,740,906$17,205
    SOUTH HARRISON TWP$6,521,287$16,474
    MONROE TWP$101,097,887$16,420
    KINGSWAY REGIONAL$42,743,105$16,396
    FRANKLIN TWP$22,998,405$16,001
    EAST GREENWICH TWP$20,054,547$15,708
    HARRISON TWP$21,977,049$14,958
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    Hoboken, one of the so-called Abbott districts, had a budget of $67.6 million and was the most expensive district in the county at $28,217 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    HOBOKEN CITY$67,607,527$28,217
    HUDSON COUNTY VOCATIONAL$57,660,376$26,915
    HARRISON TOWN$60,793,742$24,587
    UNION CITY$313,507,868$22,782
    JERSEY CITY$706,761,653$22,751
    WEEHAWKEN TWP$27,860,631$19,523
    SECAUCUS TOWN$41,460,077$19,519
    WEST NEW YORK TOWN$172,161,978$18,826
    HOBOKEN CHARTER SCHOOL$5,146,429$17,305
    BAYONNE CITY$162,204,753$17,049
    UNIVERSITY ACADEMY CHARTE$7,219,472$16,939
    NORTH BERGEN TWP$131,195,142$16,520
    KEARNY TOWN$98,738,582$16,445
    M.E.T.S. CHARTER SCHOOL$7,716,355$16,103
    ELYSIAN CHARTER SCHOOL$4,614,084$16,027
    DR LENA EDWARDS ACADEMIC$5,779,558$15,090
    LEARNING COMMUNITY CHARTE$8,126,003$15,084
    EAST NEWARK BORO$6,059,788$14,769
    JERSEY CITY GOLDEN DOOR C$7,358,846$14,639
    HOBOKEN DUAL LANGUAGE CHA$4,743,005$14,500
    JERSEY CITY COMMUNITY CHA$8,234,911$14,427
    GUTTENBERG TOWN$19,173,862$14,422
    SOARING HEIGHTS$3,219,345$13,659
    GREAT FUTURES CHARTER SCH$3,213,299$13,581
    BELOVED COMMUNITY CHARTER$9,162,881$12,875
    THE ETHICAL COMMUNITY CHA$4,320,662$12,727
    EMPOWERMENT ACADEMY CHART$2,264,419$12,116
    JERSEY CITY GLOBAL CS$3,163,314$10,181
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    The small district of Hampton, with a budget of $3.4 million, was the most expensive in the county at $28,411.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    HAMPTON BORO$3,436,299$28,411
    BETHLEHEM TWP$10,441,550$26,831
    CALIFON BORO$2,899,969$26,452
    TEWKSBURY TWP$15,571,095$25,779
    MILFORD BORO$2,438,645$25,643
    UNION TWP$11,666,008$25,491
    DELAWARE TWP$10,197,200$25,293
    EAST AMWELL TWP$9,104,153$24,624
    SOUTH HUNTERDON$23,503,789$24,604
    FRANKLIN TWP$7,155,500$23,717
    DELAWARE VALLEY REGIONAL$21,089,449$23,581
    ALEXANDRIA TWP$11,382,614$23,299
    KINGWOOD TWP$7,912,663$22,991
    CLINTON TWP$32,448,989$22,981
    HIGH BRIDGE BORO$8,543,328$22,780
    FRENCHTOWN BORO$3,173,682$22,358
    LEBANON BORO$2,816,168$21,696
    HUNTERDON CENTRAL REG$64,734,062$21,661
    CLINTON-GLEN GARDNER$9,751,705$21,301
    HOLLAND TWP$11,859,642$21,263
    LEBANON TWP$13,965,383$21,049
    N HUNT/VOORHEES REGIONAL$59,380,677$21,041
    FLEMINGTON-RARITAN REG$66,102,965$20,882
    READINGTON TWP$35,050,924$20,661
    BLOOMSBURY BORO$3,493,713$19,206
    HUNTERDON CO VOCATIONAL$5,771,700$19,198
  • diego_cervo, ThinkStock
    diego_cervo, ThinkStock

    Mercer Co. Special Services

    Mercer County Special Services, with a budget of $43.3 million, was the most expensive in the county at $69,185. Trenton had the biggest budget.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    MERCER CO SPECIAL SERVICE$43,382,610$69,185
    MERCER COUNTY VOCATIONAL$13,644,866$28,522
    HOPEWELL VALLEY REGIONAL$88,441,818$23,961
    TRENTON CITY$318,779,614$23,326
    EWING TWP$79,862,067$22,148
    LAWRENCE TWP$81,335,182$20,480
    PRINCETON CHARTER SCHOOL$6,870,368$19,759
    EAST WINDSOR REGIONAL$100,788,547$19,364
    W WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO REG$180,903,097$18,555
    HAMILTON TWP$212,438,707$17,889
    PAUL ROBESON CHARTER SCHO$6,514,259$17,526
    THE VILLAGE CHARTER SCHOO$6,213,766$17,328
    TRENTON STEM-TO-CIVICS CH$3,427,182$17,239
    ROBBINSVILLE TWP$49,945,046$16,638
    INTERNATIONAL CHARTER SCH$1,473,666$16,466
    FOUNDATION ACADEMY CHARTE$14,255,708$16,126
    PACE CHARTER SCHOOL OF HA$3,583,566$15,089
    INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF$5,898,604$13,403
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    Greater Brunswick Charter

    A charter school had the greatest per-pupil cost in the county. Greater Brunswick's $13.9 million came out to $35,981 per pupil. Cranbury's $24,645 per-pupil cost was higher than the county's two Abbott districts (Perth Amboy and New Brunswick).

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    GREATER BRUNSWICK CHARTER$13,921,047$35,981
    CRANBURY TWP$18,936,927$24,645
    NEW BRUNSWICK CITY$234,678,090$22,828
    MIDDLESEX CO VOCATIONAL$52,286,739$22,136
    PERTH AMBOY CITY$241,353,693$22,082
    HIGHLAND PARK BORO$35,093,389$21,565
    EAST BRUNSWICK TWP$172,817,669$21,120
    ACADEMY FOR URBAN LEADERS$7,678,331$19,703
    METUCHEN BORO$42,613,807$18,894
    MONROE TWP$123,309,803$18,852
    SOUTH PLAINFIELD BORO$67,086,293$18,848
    MIDDLESEX BORO$39,146,456$18,837
    OLD BRIDGE TWP$163,900,507$18,214
    NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP$110,050,501$17,962
    SOUTH AMBOY CITY$19,643,436$17,822
    DUNELLEN BORO$20,384,868$17,647
    EDISON TWP$266,887,645$17,472
    SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP$152,836,859$17,394
    PISCATAWAY TWP$125,358,774$17,220
    MILLTOWN BORO$17,347,117$17,065
    CARTERET BORO$64,561,508$17,007
    WOODBRIDGE TWP$234,772,318$16,941
    SPOTSWOOD BORO$30,361,472$16,877
    SOUTH RIVER BORO$36,557,001$16,352
    SAYREVILLE BORO$97,341,220$15,831
    JAMESBURG BORO$14,446,237$15,466
    HATIKVAH INTERNATIONAL CH$4,679,426$14,057
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    Asbury Park

    Asbury Park, one of the so-called Abbott districts, which had a budget of $84.7 million, was the most expensive in the county at $35,636 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    ASBURY PARK CITY$84,794,564$35,636
    KEANSBURG BORO$48,991,686$31,436
    HENRY HUDSON REGIONAL$9,487,912$31,378
    MONMOUTH REGIONAL$29,748,174$29,229
    SHORE REGIONAL$18,250,511$28,920
    COLTS NECK TWP$26,386,180$27,571
    SPRING LAKE BORO$7,519,388$27,298
    RED BANK REGIONAL$31,470,285$26,120
    DEAL BORO$4,355,430$26,080
    NEPTUNE TWP$113,906,272$25,920
    LONG BRANCH CITY$143,836,819$24,875
    HIGHLANDS BORO$4,668,147$24,010
    SEA GIRT BORO$4,763,214$23,975
    OCEAN TWP$84,448,706$22,945
    HOLMDEL TWP$66,852,590$22,452
    MILLSTONE TWP$40,986,499$22,294
    MONMOUTH BEACH BORO$5,676,608$22,250
    ROOSEVELT BORO$2,630,768$22,078
    WALL TWP$79,157,034$21,751
    AVON BORO$4,270,241$21,734
    EATONTOWN BORO$22,866,788$21,614
    FREEHOLD TWP$83,113,839$21,558
    RUMSON-FAIR HAVEN REG$21,411,106$21,436
    HOWELL TWP$128,040,930$21,218
    BRADLEY BEACH BORO$8,200,397$21,053
    WEST LONG BRANCH BORO$12,153,499$20,843
    MATAWAN-ABERDEEN REGIONAL$76,818,375$20,225
    ACADEMY CHARTER HIGH SCHO$3,750,120$20,173
    TINTON FALLS$30,530,745$20,149
    UPPER FREEHOLD REGIONAL$45,597,195$19,623
    KEYPORT BORO$20,997,123$19,524
    HAZLET TWP$56,402,794$19,405
    FREEHOLD REGIONAL$214,277,074$19,340
    ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS BORO$6,216,976$19,194
    RED BANK CHARTER SCHOOL$3,449,211$19,173
    SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS BORO$9,299,182$19,166
    BELMAR BORO$13,472,494$19,158
    MARLBORO TWP$96,270,656$19,002
    OCEANPORT BORO$11,392,251$18,793
    RUMSON BORO$18,116,611$18,636
    MIDDLETOWN TWP$181,858,023$18,623
    UNION BEACH$16,087,432$18,333
    LITTLE SILVER BORO$15,583,237$18,322
    MANALAPAN-ENGLISHTOWN REG$92,185,352$18,297
    MANASQUAN BORO$28,872,726$18,116
    SHREWSBURY BORO$9,125,869$18,112
    MONMOUTH CO VOCATIONAL$53,025,258$18,093
    BRIELLE BORO$14,403,367$17,817
    NEPTUNE CITY$9,734,184$17,578
    FARMINGDALE BORO$2,902,781$17,358
    RED BANK BORO$24,277,581$17,043
    FAIR HAVEN BORO$17,207,227$16,913
    HOPE ACADEMY CHARTER SCHO$3,443,783$16,685
    FREEHOLD BORO$27,522,672$15,899


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    Mendham Township

    Mendham Township, with a budget of $19.5 million, was the most expensive in the county at $27,205 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    MENDHAM TWP$19,505,910$27,205
    HARDING TOWNSHIP$11,689,867$26,988
    MORRIS HILLS REGIONAL$73,591,593$26,415
    MOUNTAIN LAKES BORO$40,665,926$26,265
    HANOVER PARK REGIONAL$38,422,204$24,551
    BOONTON TOWN$31,154,925$22,762
    EAST HANOVER TWP$21,960,108$22,628
    CHESTER TWP$25,662,871$22,607
    PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS TWP$159,683,562$22,430
    MOUNT ARLINGTON BORO$11,322,408$22,427
    MONTVILLE TWP$85,315,574$22,339
    ROCKAWAY TWP$54,001,874$22,326
    LONG HILL TWP$18,257,274$22,035
    KINNELON BORO$43,333,453$21,832
    MENDHAM BORO$12,583,270$21,731
    ROXBURY TWP$80,371,284$21,670
    WASHINGTON TWP$47,746,584$21,562
    WEST MORRIS REGIONAL$56,727,674$21,436
    MOUNT OLIVE TWP$98,410,111$21,430
    BUTLER BORO$25,237,229$21,357
    JEFFERSON TWP$66,782,123$21,119
    FLORHAM PARK BORO$20,344,602$20,936
    MORRIS PLAINS BORO$17,615,044$20,859
    MORRIS COUNTY VOCATIONAL$21,442,536$20,444
    MORRIS SCHOOL DISTRICT$107,908,792$20,232
    RANDOLPH TWP$97,574,248$20,116
    BOONTON TWP$14,484,974$19,908
    HANOVER TWP$28,843,595$19,699
    PEQUANNOCK TWP$43,285,685$19,688
    MADISON BORO$49,959,198$19,310
    DENVILLE TWP$31,711,920$19,205
    MINE HILL TWP$10,438,499$19,027
    LINCOLN PARK BORO$23,081,739$18,962
    WHARTON BORO$15,527,379$18,907
    RIVERDALE BORO$8,782,260$18,671
    NETCONG BORO$5,404,577$18,455
    SCH DIST OF THE CHATHAMS$74,626,557$17,847
    UNITY CHARTER SCHOOL$3,608,569$16,440
    ROCKAWAY BORO$9,489,177$16,169
    DOVER TOWN$51,671,262$15,766
  • Szepy, ThinkStock
    Szepy, ThinkStock

    Beach Haven

    Beach Haven, with a budget of $2.1 million, was the county's most expensive at $33,533, although larger districts had bigger budgets.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    BEACH HAVEN BORO$2,124,525$33,533
    LONG BEACH ISLAND$7,765,367$32,913
    LAKEWOOD TWP$165,797,302$26,477
    PINELANDS REGIONAL$37,386,188$23,759
    LAVALLETTE BORO$4,511,200$23,351
    OCEAN GATE BORO$3,196,580$22,949
    SEASIDE HEIGHTS BORO$4,825,557$22,373
    SOUTHERN REGIONAL$63,534,097$22,139
    POINT PLEASANT BEACH BORO$18,164,910$21,957
    BAY HEAD BORO$3,802,079$21,833
    PLUMSTED TWP$31,023,083$21,507
    CENTRAL REGIONAL$41,614,512$20,817
    OCEAN TWP$19,495,872$20,629
    MANCHESTER TWP$61,312,943$20,538
    LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP$32,062,495$20,275
    STAFFORD TWP$44,385,801$20,263
    LAKEHURST BORO$10,201,361$20,194
    BARNEGAT TWP$63,456,731$20,154
    EAGLESWOOD TWP$3,119,804$20,087
    ISLAND HEIGHTS BORO$2,368,486$19,723
    LACEY TWP$80,760,963$19,328
    TUCKERTON BORO$5,780,258$18,469
    JACKSON TWP$158,769,557$18,296
    BRICK TWP$161,376,350$18,047
    BERKELEY TWP$38,329,847$17,936
    OCEAN COUNTY VOCATIONAL$28,093,040$17,385
    POINT PLEASANT BORO$47,746,058$17,190
    TOMS RIVER REGIONAL$259,810,590$16,319
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    Lakeland Regional

    Lakeland Regional, with a budget of $30.2 million, was the most expensive district in the county at $29,531 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    LAKELAND REGIONAL$30,260,013$29,531
    PASSAIC COUNTY VOCATIONAL$86,244,614$25,892
    PASSAIC CO MANCHESTER REG$20,755,691$23,340
    PASSAIC CITY$347,103,454$23,336
    PASSAIC VALLEY REGIONAL$29,966,862$23,055
    WEST MILFORD TWP$80,305,605$22,599
    BLOOMINGDALE BORO$19,119,307$21,938
    PATERSON CITY$618,916,932$21,766
    RINGWOOD BORO$26,001,931$21,479
    WAYNE TWP$172,920,511$21,281
    POMPTON LAKES BORO$35,111,633$20,747
    WANAQUE BORO$19,747,471$20,644
    NORTH HALEDON BORO$13,032,856$18,871
    LITTLE FALLS TWP$16,866,637$18,860
    HAWTHORNE BORO$43,845,008$18,573
    JOHN P. HOLLAND CHARTER S$3,525,362$18,219
    WOODLAND PARK$19,589,112$18,095
    COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL$15,668,183$17,569
    PATERSON CHARTER SCHOOL F$18,369,407$17,299
    HALEDON BORO$17,947,357$17,150
    CLIFTON CITY$187,219,196$17,083
    PASSAIC ARTS AND SCIENCE$12,373,605$17,069
    TOTOWA BORO$18,040,816$16,709
    PROSPECT PARK BORO$15,025,031$16,338
    PATERSON ARTS AND SCIENCE$7,683,962$16,167
    CLASSICAL ACADEMY CHARTER$1,304,239$11,157
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    Salem Co. Special Services

    Salem County Special Services, with a $9 million budget, was the most expensive district in the county at $45,967 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    SALEM CO SPECIAL SERVICE$9,063,518$45,967
    SALEM CITY$29,160,318$24,627
    LOWER ALLOWAYS CREEK$4,581,498$24,237
    ELSINBORO TWP$3,167,618$22,022
    PENNS GRV-CARNEY'S PT REG$42,371,404$18,754
    PITTSGROVE TWP$31,665,269$18,299
    QUINTON TWP$7,430,059$18,280
    MANNINGTON TWP$3,468,774$17,862
    UPPER PITTSGROVE TWP$8,674,934$17,401
    ALLOWAY TWP$9,067,091$17,092
    OLDMANS TWP$5,474,324$16,773
    WOODSTOWN-PILESGROVE REG$26,771,569$16,601
    SALEM COUNTY VOCATIONAL$10,489,208$11,230
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    Somerset Co. Vocational

    Somerset County Vocational-Technical Schools, with a budget of $16.1 million, was the most expensive district in the county at $31,485 per pupil. Bridgewater-Raritan Regional had the biggest budget.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    SOMERSET CO VOCATIONAL$16,105,139$31,485
    WARREN TWP$45,979,534$25,447
    BEDMINSTER TWP$18,929,824$24,011
    SOMERSET HILLS REGIONAL$45,135,728$22,255
    WATCHUNG BORO$15,087,072$22,034
    WATCHUNG HILLS REGIONAL$46,571,247$21,483
    FRANKLIN TWP$160,232,099$21,439
    BRANCHBURG TWP$47,579,494$21,208
    NORTH PLAINFIELD BORO$67,802,780$20,174
    MONTGOMERY TWP$95,306,790$19,780
    GREEN BROOK TWP$26,314,446$19,451
    BRIDGEWATER-RARITAN REG$166,461,307$19,263
    SOMERVILLE BORO$46,655,974$19,166
    SOUTH BOUND BROOK$11,070,663$19,073
    BERNARDS TWP$106,142,360$18,755
    HILLSBOROUGH TWP$136,076,648$18,645
    MANVILLE BORO$24,510,015$17,029
    BOUND BROOK BORO$30,698,915$16,409
    CENTRAL JERSEY COLLEGE PR$6,619,681$15,780
    THOMAS EDISON ENERGYSMART$3,842,614$11,433
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    Montague, with a $9.5 million budget, was the county's most expensive district at $28,407 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    MONTAGUE TWP$9,589,100$28,407
    HIGH POINT REGIONAL$26,734,426$26,737
    HAMBURG BORO$6,143,312$24,690
    WALLKILL VALLEY REGIONAL$17,005,297$24,457
    SUSSEX-WANTAGE REGIONAL$26,407,808$24,382
    HAMPTON TWP$7,324,533$24,321
    LAFAYETTE TWP$5,933,806$24,150
    ANDOVER REG$17,989,812$23,832
    VERNON TWP$76,855,640$23,818
    SANDYSTON-WALPACK TWP$3,415,419$22,863
    KITTATINNY REGIONAL$24,076,309$22,756
    FRANKFORD TWP$11,859,746$22,527
    SPARTA TWP$72,829,796$22,017
    FREDON TWP$5,063,172$21,391
    STILLWATER TWP$6,785,356$21,311
    SUSSEX COUNTY VOCATIONAL$16,352,454$21,288
    LENAPE VALLEY REGIONAL$17,145,493$20,834
    STANHOPE BORO$6,698,820$20,766
    FRANKLIN BORO$9,546,064$20,272
    BYRAM TWP$17,668,968$19,899
    OGDENSBURG BORO$5,281,303$19,812
    NEWTON TOWN$30,928,959$19,736
    GREEN TWP$13,330,256$19,513
    SUSSEX COUNTY TECHNOLOGY$4,375,801$19,491
    HARDYSTON TWP$13,900,144$18,873
  • (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)
    (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)


    Elizabeth, one of the so-called Abbott districts, with a budget of $585.8 million, was the district's most expensive at $21,387 per pupil.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    ELIZABETH CITY$585,805,321$21,387
    LINDEN CITY$128,733,216$21,070
    ROSELLE BORO$57,384,959$20,944
    BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP$55,836,118$20,762
    PLAINFIELD CITY$192,458,010$20,301
    RAHWAY CITY$76,569,500$19,954
    SUMMIT CITY$81,912,607$19,782
    KENILWORTH BORO$28,258,302$19,698
    HILLSIDE TWP$60,317,752$19,529
    WINFIELD TWP$3,638,529$19,293
    UNION TWP$142,493,379$19,280
    SPRINGFIELD TWP$43,856,179$19,050
    GARWOOD BORO$9,408,712$19,049
    THE BARACK OBAMA GREEN CH$4,391,841$18,996
    SCOTCH PLAINS-FANWOOD REG$102,965,731$18,667
    ROSELLE PARK BORO$37,757,837$18,563
    THE QUEEN CITY ACADEMY CH$5,839,024$18,094
    CLARK TWP$41,846,300$17,969
    CRANFORD TWP$68,564,020$17,604
    MOUNTAINSIDE BORO$18,316,803$17,483
    WESTFIELD TOWN$110,956,556$17,446
    UNION COUNTY VOCATIONAL$30,086,363$17,151
    NEW PROVIDENCE BORO$41,133,876$16,996
    UNION COUNTY TEAMS CHARTE$5,239,475$13,876
    COLLEGE ACHIEVE CENTRAL C$4,380,526$12,922
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    Warren Co. Special Services

    Warren County Special Services, with a budget of $1.6 million, was the most expensive district in the county at $52,471 per pupil. Phillipsburg, one of the so-called Abbott districts, had the biggest budget.

    DistrictBudgetPer Pupil
    WARREN CO SPECIAL SERVICE$1,695,109$52,471
    WARREN COUNTY VOCATIONAL$12,033,040$25,393
    FRANKLIN TWP$5,647,170$24,792
    PHILLIPSBURG TOWN$89,515,493$22,957
    KNOWLTON TWP$4,542,681$22,544
    WHITE TWP$10,117,786$22,323
    WARREN HILLS REGIONAL$40,682,485$21,303
    POHATCONG TWP$9,134,395$21,092
    HOPE TWP$5,090,908$20,962
    WASHINGTON TWP$9,977,850$20,586
    NORTH WARREN REGIONAL$18,268,182$20,207
    GREAT MEADOWS REGIONAL$22,020,245$19,873
    HARMONY TWP$6,996,338$19,382
    OXFORD TWP$7,722,059$19,370
    ALPHA BORO$5,681,989$19,070
    BLAIRSTOWN TWP$9,518,126$18,650
    FRELINGHUYSEN TWP$2,889,096$18,290
    RIDGE AND VALLEY CHARTER$1,935,727$17,957
    BELVIDERE TOWN$13,406,907$17,865
    ALLAMUCHY TWP$10,383,847$17,484
    GREENWICH TWP$19,183,773$16,977
    MANSFIELD TWP$11,274,147$16,420
    LOPATCONG TWP$19,650,636$16,068
    WASHINGTON BORO$8,701,523$15,811

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