Here’s a remarkable story about the most famous celebrity in New Jersey history.

It should inspire all 9 million plus New Jerseyans to never lose faith when the chips are down.

As hard as it may be to believe, even Frank Sinatra, “The Chairman of The Board” experienced an extended slump during his lifetime and illustrious career.

Sinatra became a big talent and was born a big baby in Hoboken, New Jersey on December 12, 1915 … weighing-in at 13 1/2 pounds.

In 1935, Sinatra saw a Bing Crosby poster on the trolley. As a late teenager, he set his sights on Crosby. He set a goal of competing with Crosby.

Sinatra attended a Crosby concert in 1935 at the Loews Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Sinatra first emerged in 1939 and next became known as “The Boy Singer” when he was featured with the Harry James and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras in the Spring of 1939 through early 1940’s.

Sinatra became a teen idol of sorts during his Big Band phase of his career.

Sinatra also appeared at The Steel Pier and at Paul “Skinny” D’Amato’s The 500 Club.

Then came the sudden Sinatra Slump that lasted for most of the 1940’s.

“Skinny” D’Amato continue to employ Sinatra during his extended slump of the 1940’s. Sinatra never forgot that and remained loyal to D’Amato for more than two decades.

Sinatra’s post-war slump was a byproduct of a change in music tastes.

Sinatra came roaring back to popularity in the 1950’s, both his music and also won the Academy Award for his work on the iconic movie, “From Here To Eternity” in 1953.

Sinatra’s winning streak continued with starring roles in ”The Man with the Golden Arm” in 1955 and “The Manchurian Candidate” in 1962.

Sinatra’s storied career earned him The Frank Sinatra statue was unveiled at the Sinatra Park Amphitheater on December 12, 2021.

Frank Sinatra Statue via Facebook.
Frank Sinatra Statue via Facebook.

Sinatra had one more slump, which ended with casino gambling being approved in Atlantic City in 1976.

When Resorts International Hotel and Casino opened in 1968, Sinatra was in demand until May 14, 1988, when he died at age 82 in Los Angeles, California.

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