In terms of the political philosophy of governance, New Jersey is always referred to as a deep, dark blue, liberal state.

You may be surprised to learn about the results of a recent survey regarding which states (we’ll focus on New Jersey), are ready for a doomsday disaster.

The research shows 74 million Americans are prepping for disaster, with one in three people believing that a doomsday event will occur in the next 4 years.

As for how New Jerseyans are feeling about this, 37 percent say that they are prepared for a doomsday event.

That means that roughly 3,300,000 out of approximately 9 million New Jersey residents are prepping for a doomsday scenario.

From a New Jersey perspective, here are the highlights, taken directly from the survey:

  • 7% of New Jerseyans feel prepared for a doomsday event, this is the fourth highest of all states.
  • 68% of Jerseyans trust the government when it comes to doomsday, the most of all states.
  • Food is considered the most important essential to stockpile (19%).
  • 17% of New Jerseyans believe that climate change is the doomsday event most likely to occur.

Here is a national graphic that outlines the Top 10 doomsday scenarios by state as follows: photo. photo.

The Top 3 doomsday events are:

  • Climate Change (56 percent).
  • Natural disaster (47 percent).
  • Virus or disease (37 percent).

Here are the Top 10 states who believe that they can survive a doomsday event. New Jersey is NOT one of them. photo. photo.

Are you surprised about these findings?


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