Generally speaking, speed limit signs are pretty straightforward, right?

I mean, if the sign says "speed limit 65," you should stay at or under 65 MPH.

But that's not always the case, especially in a rather rural area of our fine state.

And, no, this is not a story about how everyone ignores the speed limit on the Turnpike and Parkway.

Speed Limit 65 Road Sign on the GSP
Google Maps

Life in Salem County, NJ

I've long been amazed and intrigued by Salem County. If you've never done a deep dive into this part of the state, it's kinda like you're in Kansas or Nebraska.

Actually, scratch the word "kinda" -- it is like being in the middle of the Great Plains.

In other words, take every single stereotype you have about New Jersey and get rid of it.

There are no giant cities out here like Trenton or Newark. Sure, there are thousands of people in Salem and Carney's Point, but just a few minutes away, this is where we put the "garden" in Garden State.

Let me put it this way: if you ever want to see an area of New Jersey with no Wawas, no Walmarts, and no strip malls, this is it.

You know how your town has 18 places to get pizza? Good luck with that down here.

Route 40 in Salem County NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Route 40 in Salem County NJ - Photo: Google Maps

This is where you can literally stand in the middle of a road during rush hour and never see a vehicle.

Chris Coleman / Google Maps
Chris Coleman / Google Maps

Bizarre Speed Limit Sign in New Jersey

Speaking of highways, while recently exploring lower Salem County, I was on some little backcountry road and I saw this rather unusual speed limit sign...

Suggested speed limit sign in Salem County NJ
Suggested speed limit sign in Salem County NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

Suggested? What does that mean?

Yes, I know what the word means, but I've never seen a suggested speed limit sign in New Jersey before.

Is this someone's way of wanting you to slow down because there are kids in the area? Truth be told, I was in the middle of nowhere and I never saw any humans at all, let alone kids running around.

And can you get a ticket for going over 35 MPH here? It, technically, isn't saying you have to go 35, it's just suggesting it. Maybe you can suggest to the police officer that pulls you over to not write you a ticket. I'm sure that'll end well for you.

David Lentz

I've never seen a suggested speed limit sign in New Jersey before. If you have, please let me know.

Meanwhile, if you like really cool old things, this century-old bridge in Salem County is really amazing...

Cool bridge in rural Salem County; Built in 1905, closed since 1991

Gallery Credit: Chris Coleman

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