Truth is always stranger then fiction.

Here is a true story that I find to be absolutely fascinating.

Terry Bradshaw is the first TB12.

Tom Brady (also TB12) is the undisputed GOAT (Greatest of all Time).

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On March 3, 1983 ... these two names unexpectedly intersected with one another a full 17 years before Brady was selected in the 6th round of the 2000 draft by The New England Patriots.

Here’s how this Bradshaw-Brady nexus oddity actually occurred.

On March 3, 1983, Bradshaw checked into a Louisiana hospital under a fictitious name.

Of all the names that Terry Bradshaw could have chosen ... he somehow arrived at the name Tom Brady.

Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t.

There has to be more to this. Exactly what, we’ll never know for sure. But, it’s got to be something.

Could there be some kind of mysterious, perhaps “paranormal” reason for it. Was the present, unconsciously meeting with the future?

Was the winningest Super Bowl quarterback in history at the time (Bradshaw), channeling the future greatest Super Bowl quarterback of all time (Tom Brady)?

Even if you don’t believe is such things, the fact that Terry Bradshaw selected the alias Tom Brady is at least curious.

Bradshaw has confirmed that this story is true. Bradshaw went to the hospital in 1983 to undergo elbow surgery to repair muscle tears in his throwing arm.

Bradshaw wanted to fly under the radar screen, so he checked in under an alias name. Bradshaw ironically became “Tom Brady” for one hospital stay.

These two NFL greats have the same initials and wore the same player number (12).

I think that this story is really cool. That it is happens to be true is fascinating.

Write me at with your own theory about this Bradshaw/Brady “connection.”

Is it nothing at all? Or, is it something much more?

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