New Jersey on Thursday mourned the passing of former Gov. Brendan Byrne, a man whose achievements included legalized gambling in Atlantic City, preserving the Pinelands, developing the Meadowlands and earning the derision of mobsters for being "the man who could not be bought."

But he also was remembered for his wit and Jersey sense of humor.

Kevin McArdle, Townsquare News Network's State House correspondent from 2002 to 2016, had no trouble recalling many of Byrne's wry one-liners from over the years, rattling them off in an email Thursday night.

"I’m probably paraphrasing a bit," he said, "but you get the gist."

Jack Kanthal

5. — “In New Jersey, if you are not getting something for nothing, you aren’t getting your fair share.”


Tim Larsen

4. — “You know, I look out this window at the Delaware River and I figured if I walked across the water, the headlines next day would say ‘Byrne Can’t Swim.’”


Tim Larsen

3. — “I knew I’d get re-elected when people started waving at me using all five fingers.”


Office of the Governor

2. — “A New Jersey politician is a guy who is born poor but honest, and spends a lifetime trying to overcome those habits.”


AP Photo

1. — “I want to be buried in Hudson County — so that I can remain active in politics.”


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