Video has been posted to YouTube of what might be the scariest elevator in New Jersey.

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While it doesn't have an official, fancy scientific name, "elevatophobia," as it's often referred to, is the fear of elevators.

According to, most elevator phobias are a form of claustrophobia and about four percent of the population of the planet suffers from this type of fear -- that's millions and millions of people.

Elevator buttons- Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash
Elevator buttons- Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

The fear of elevators can come from any number of angles.

The closing of the doors (cleithrophobia) on an elevator can trigger a sense of panic and anxiety (does it make you feel trapped?). An elevator moving up or down can cause nerves to become frayed (what if it gets stuck or it goes into freefall?). Or, if you are in a glass elevator, which may not feel claustrophobic, that can trigger a fear of heights (acrophobia).

Plain and simple, elevators, as common as they are, can be scary for some people -- but unfortunately, if you are in a huge building, you don't have many options. You either have to hike-up dozens of flights of steps (bathmophobia is the fear of falling down steps) or just confront your fear.

If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button. -Sam Levenson

It's videos like one recently posted to YouTube that gives elevators a bad name.

Our travels take us to Hackensack where an elevator that is close to being a century old is making some awful sounds (not to mention the risk of losing a finger if you stick it through that gate).

YouTube user EyeShotThis says, "our two 90+ year-old elevators have been giving us lots of problems lately. The latest began about a week ago when the #2 elevator (the one that goes to the basement) began making noises that I've never heard before from an elevator. When I was on it with another tenant, he described it as 'scary.'"

Would you get in this elevator with these noises?

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