If you received an unusually high bill from South Jersey Gas recently, so have thousands of other people.

South Jersey Gas says estimated readings from gas meters, combined with a very cold February, caused about 12,000 of its customers to get very high gas bills -- in some cases, for over $1,500 for one month of service.  As a result, many of those people have tried calling South Jersey Gas, only to be met with spending hours and hours on hold.

Dan Lockwood, a spokesperson for the utility, tells The South Jersey Times, "We are aware of this situation and in the process of reaching out to customers who were affected. We apologize to all those who were affected and we thank them for their patience." Lockwood told the paper letters will be going out this week to arrange payment plans.

If you received a bill and you believe the amount due is way beyond what it should be (remember, February was very cold and your bill probably went up from increased usage), you can contact South Jersey Gas using their on-line customer service form.

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