Decades ago, these three bar - restaurants were very popular in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.


Between 1945 to 1982, Tony Mart’s was known by these descriptions:

  • "Showplace of the World"
  • "Where friends Meet"
  • "The Mart"
  • “Smiling Tony's"

The owner and founder, Anthony Marotta Sr., described Tony Mart’s it as "not just a's an institution!"

Marotta was a Sicilian American immigrant. He purchased “Schick's Tavern" on Bay Avenue in Somers Point in 1944.

Marotta expanded the operating and and transformed it into one of the most successful rock and roll nightclubs on the entire East coast.

National celebrities such as Conway Twitty, Bill Haley and the Comets, Duane Eddy and Del Shannon all played there during the 1960’s.

Tony Mart’s always kept up with the times and presented countless music genre over the years including:

  • British Invasion
  • Soul
  • psychedelic rock
  • disco
  • funk
  • new wave
  • punk
  • several different rock ‘n roll iterations

Big things also happened at Tony Mart’s such as Bob Dylan discovering Levon and The Hawks in 1965 at Tony Mart’s.

In May, 1982, the popular rock n' roll cult classic movie, " Eddie and the Cruisers" was filmed at Tony Mart’s in what would turn out to be the last year of Tony Mart’s.

Carmen and Nancy Marotta have carried the Tony Mart’s torch for the past 40 years … where they have also kept the music alive, with the Somers Point summer concert series… Which won the USA today 10best readers choice award for the best outdoor concert series in America in 2023.

Pal's Restaurant & Lounge via Facebook.
Pal's Restaurant & Lounge via Facebook.


Pal's, as it was best known, also had connected right to it, "The Other Room” for fine dining.

This establishment had a decades-long run, where all the locals had to say was that they were heading to “Pal’s” and everyone knew exactly what you were saying.

Bert Estlow photo.
Bert Estlow photo.


Location, location, location!

This famous establishment was officially located in egg Harbor Township, New Jersey… Which gave it a huge competitive advantage.

However, many also believed that The Dunes was located in Somers Point … even Ocean City.

Because it was officially located in Egg Harbor Township, The Dunes had a 24-hour liquor license.

This is how it got its nickname, “The Dunes ‘Till Dune.”

A great tradition was started that you would begin your evening at one adult night spot and you ended it at The Dunes.

After being closed for a number of years, George Sutor and The Sutor Family developed the iconic site into Sutor's Sports Club.

Published reports say that the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife took it over in later years. I have no recollection of this.

A comment from May 20, 2021 said that you "Start the night off at Gregory's, where you got 7 beers for a dollar. When Gregory's closed it was Dunes til Dawn!!!"

That was the basic idea. You started your evening at one place and ended it at "The Dunes Til Dawn."

I hope that you enjoyed our walk together down memory lane.

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