Two Ocean Township Police Officers (Ocean County) and one from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department saved the life of a 10-month-old boy who had become unresponsive at a Dunkin' Donuts on Route 9 earlier this month.

Ocean Township Police said that on May 7th around 9:37 AM, Patrolman Philip Calanni and Lieutenant Scott Murphy along with Sergeant Deleeuw of the Ocean County Sheriffs Department happened to be in the Dunkin Donuts after an assignment where they were flying a drone in town when a woman came in carrying her 10-month-old infant son who had become unresponsive.

Officers on scene quickly learned the infant wasn’t breathing and had no pulse so CPR began to resuscitate the little boy.

The child was able to regain a pulse and began breathing on his own, thanks to the officers applying CPR prior to the arrival of first-aid squads.

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Lieutenant Scott Murphy and Patrolman Kyle Pimm ended up riding in the ambulance with the mother and child on the way to Southern Ocean Medical Center where the little boy received additional treatment and underwent an evaluation.

He was discharged from the hospital several days afterwards and returned home and recently all involved were reunited.

The Ocean Township Police Department Detective Bureau, Sergeant Michael Ward and Patrolman Michael Cicero assisted in the investigation.

"A great ending to what could have been a horrible moment," Ocean Township Police said in a statement.

When Ocean and Monmouth County Police saved the day

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