Former Ventnor City Mayor Tim Kreischer is poised to become the next Atlantic County Shared Services Coordinator.

Kreischer served for a record-tying 16 years (Ted Bergman) as a Ventnor City Commissioner (1992-2008). Kreischer served for 12 of those years as Mayor.

Kreischer possesses a great deal of experience in all facets of local government and he knows what makes it tick.

Kreischer is an outstanding and well qualified selection by Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

The position was initially filled for a short time by Frank Formica.

Kreischer is a much better fit. He has a passion for public service. He loves it. Kreischer has dedicated more than 45 years in positions of increasing responsibility ... many of those years serving in unpaid, volunteer positions.

Kreischer also possesses a dedicated work ethic. The job of Mayor of Ventnor is a part-time position. Kreischer always gave it a full-time effort.

Kreischer has the “chops” to make a real difference in this position.

To work with multiple communities and try to show them the benefits of consolidating services requires leadership skills and credibility. Kreischer possesses both of these critical characteristic traits.

Kreischer will face no problem earning the advice and consent of the Atlantic County Board of Commissioners and he will be confirmed for the position.

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