Three people have been charged with ripping off a pair of elderly siblings living in Ocean County, taking at least $1.5 million and trying to steal a half million more, authorities said.

Prosecutors say the victims were exploited by a man who was supposed to be taking care of them.

Jeffrey Dampf, 69, of Brick, was an accountant with power of attorney over the victims, who prosecutors said were not of sound of mind.

Dampf is accused of hiring unqualified Toms River residents Robert Tindall, 46, and Leanna Guido, 47, as home healthcare aides for the victims.

Prosecutors said Tindall and Guido paid themselves $1.5 million from the victims' funds, ostensibly for the care of the siblings and for gifts purportedly authorized by the victims.

Dampf, meanwhile, tried to transfer $500,000 from the victims' account to his own investment account before it was flagged and foiled, prosecutors said.

“These three defendants preyed upon elderly and vulnerable individuals who relied upon their purported caretakers to actually care for them and have their best interests at heart. Instead, they betrayed the victims’ trust,” Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer said Friday.

Tindall and Guido on Wednesday were charged with theft while Dampf was charged with attempted theft and conspiracy to commit theft.

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