The State of New Jersey is currently stocking trout in South Jersey waters in anticipation of trout season opening on Saturday, April 10th.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife reports that the start of trout season will kick off at 8am on the 10th, "offering an excellent opportunity to spend quality time outdoors while enjoying some of the best trout fishing on the East Coast."

The Division says they are attempting to following New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's COVID-19 social distancing  guidelines, and they have "implemented an accelerated trout stocking schedule that will enable fish and anglers to spread out in advance of opening day. To further ensure good public health measures, like the avoidance of crowds and social distancing, a pre-season catch-and-release period for trout will run from Thursday, April 1 to Friday, April 9."

Trout stocking began March 15 and will continue with, "an additional 70,000 to 75,000 trout will be stocked during the week of May 10, bringing the spring stocking total to more than 570,000 trout."

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From April 10 to May 31, the minimum legal catch size is 9 inches, with a daily limit of six trout in most trout waters. Beginning June 1 and continuing through March 20, 2022, the catch size will remain the same and the daily limit will drop to four trout.

Here in South Jersey, look for trout stocking to have taken place in these waters:

In Atlantic County: Birch Grove Park in Northfield,  Hammonton Lake in Hammonton, and Heritage Pond in Absecon.

In Cape May County: Tuckahoe Lake in Upper Township and Ponderlodge Pond in Villas.

In Cumberland County: Cohansey River in Bridgeton, Giampietro Park Lake in Vineland, Mary Elmer Lake in Bridgeton, Shaws Mill Pond in Downe, and South Vineland Park in Vineland. Also, various places on the Maurice River in both Cumberland and Salem Counties.

Among the locations in Ocean County is Pohatcong Lake in Tuckerton.

For a full list of trout-stocked waterways in New Jersey, you can check here.

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