My fellow New Jerseyans, I take this opportunity to welcome you to The new United States of America, now indistinguishable from corrupt Banana Republics around the world.

President Joe Biden has indicted his rival, former President Donald Trump.

This is exactly what Tin-pot dictator’s do. They criminally charge their chief political rival, jail them and thereby removing any serious challenge to their continuance of holding power.

Don’t let anyone get away with telling you otherwise. Biden’s hand-picked Attorney General, Merrick Garland selected the most aggressive prosecutor on Planet Earth (Jack Smith) … and, they have succeeded to indict Trump on trumped-up charges in record time.

By comparison, Biden’s son (Hunter) has been under federal criminal investigation for 5 years.

President Trump is the overwhelming front runner for the Republican Nomination. Trump also leads Biden nationally by 7 points in the latest opinion polls.

Trump self reported his own indictment last evening on his TruthSocial media platform.

President Trump said that he will be arraigned this Tuesday, June 13, 2023 in a Miami, Florida courtroom.

The charges against President Trump appear to be:

  • One charge under the espionage act.
  • Obstruction of justice.
  • Destruction of records.
  • Conspiracy.
  • False statements.

The Biden regime has taken benign, process administrative issues and manufactured them into federal indictable charges.

It also can’t be a coincidence that Trump was indicted on the very same day that members of the United States Congress reviewed and disclosed the existence of federal government documents … that are reported to prove that Biden received a $ 5 million bribe and that his son also allegedly received $ 5 million from a Burisma Holdings Company foreign national executive as part of a bribery scheme, according to an FBI document.

The document is an unclassified FBI FD-1023 document, containing information from a “highly credible” FBI source. The document is dated June 30, 2020.

The informant who provided the incriminating Biden allegations is one of the higher-paid FBI informants.

The scheme was an effort to obtain information on getting United States oil rights and becoming involved with an American oil company in 2015, 2016.

The confidential source was asked why he didn’t just ask Hunter Biden for advice because Biden was already a highly paid member the Burisma board?

The confidential informant said because Hunter Biden is “dumb.”

At the time, a Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin was investigating Hunter Biden. Joe Biden succeeded in having shokin fired from his position, which ended the investigation of Hunter Biden.

The Burisma executive reportedly told the FBI informant that he paid the Bidens “through so many different bank accounts“ that anyone investigating the case wouldn’t be able to “unravel this for at least 10 years.” The document also references “The Big Guy,” which is reportedly Joe Biden.

I never thought that our government would weaponize the FBI, Department of Justice, IRS and other areas in such a brazen, corrupt manner.

We now are no different than Banana Republic’s around the world.

No American President has ever been federally indicted until now. As a result, the damage to our country is incalculable.

This is thinly disguised blatant election interference.

Equal application of the rule of law has now been destroyed in America forever.

SOURCE: Public comments from various members of The United States Congress regarding Joe Biden and tte FBI FD-1023 document.

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