DEPTFORD — A fight inside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant involving 15 to 20 people led to two women being arrested on Sunday, according to police.

Deptford Police told CBS Philly the fight, which spilled out into the parking lot, broke out inside the children's restaurant at the Court at Deptford shopping center around 6:10 p.m.

An employee of the restaurant was injured trying to break up the fight, according to the report. In addition, and a woman was injured with a stab wound to the hip, but refused medical treatment.

Police from at least four surrounding towns responded to the incident, according to video posted on Facebook by Giuseppe Stellato.

Police did not disclose a motive for the fight.

Seven people were charged in connection with the fight inside a Denny's restaurant in Vineland on Jan. 27. Vineland Police Capt. Adam Austino said that fight, which caused $2,000 worth of damage, was triggered when a man tried to talk to a female at another table.

Deptford Police have not yet returned a message about the Chuck E. Cheese incident.

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