The national Democrat majority is presently out of control.

United States Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, R-New York-22 was forced to wait months to take her rightful seat in “The People’s House.”

This was the direct result of one political ploy after another to delay the certification of Tenney’s victory over former Congressman Anthony Brandisi.

Even when Tenney officially won, the Democrats refused to stop their antics. Here’s the latest disgraceful Democrat action.

Former White House Press Secretary deserves the media credit for breaking this story.


When the 117th Congress of The United States was sworn in on January 4, 2021, each member was permitted to have a family member in the House Gallery to witness.

However, the ever petty, small-minded Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied the request for Tenney. Why?

Oh, by the way ... Tenney’s son is a graduate of The United States Naval Academy.

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This paves new low ground for the despicable, partisan politicians of today.

The new Socialist Democrats keep on lying that they want to unite the American people.

Exactly how does a dirty, political circus stunt like this promote unity?

Pelosi denied a fellow duly elected member the opportunity for her United States Military son to attend his Mother’s official swearing-in ceremony.

This is one of the most small-minded, vindictive, disgraceful and divisive acts that you’ll ever see. It’s a reflection of everything that’s wrong in politics, today.

There should be no politics played on occasions such as this.

An official swearing-in ceremony should be pure, joyful and free from any politics.

But, they just can’t help themselves.

There is just no low that they won’t go.

NOTE: Nancy Pelosi Is the same disgusting elected official who ripped apart a copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address (live) before a national audience.

it was a premeditated act, as video exists showing her pre-tearing the pages.

Pelosi should’ve been censured for this disgraceful act. She never was.

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