While I was guest hosting nationally for Fox News Radio, (yesterday) on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, United states Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2 provided us with a major Exclusive.

Under federal law, the Congress of the United States must meet on January 6, 2020 to open the sealed certificates from every state in the union.

These are the electoral votes from every state and they will be brought into the house chamber in mahogany boxes.

There will be a by partisan group of representatives of both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate, who will read the results out loud and declare the official results.

Ironically, the president of the Senate presides over this historic session and that happens to be incumbent Vice president Mike Pence.

That’s the quick background, now here’s the breaking news.

Congressman Van Drew exclusively provided to me that he will not vote to support the Joe Biden electoral votes.

Van Drew intends to formally object. See more information, which continues directly below our WPG Talk Radio Newsletter signup link.

By rule, for a House member to be able to formally object, it calls for at least one United States Senator to agree to also object. Yesterday, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell asked Republican Senators not to join in any House objections.

If Van Drew us able to proceed with his plan to formally object, the last time that I could find such an objection taking place was in 2005 when a house member from Ohio, Stephanie Tubbs Jones and United States Senator Barbara Boxer objected to Ohio’s electoral votes.

As is the vase now, their objection was predicated by their belief that voting irregularities had occurred in Ohio.

Both the House and Senate were obligated to debate the objection and they ultimately rejected it. This was only the second time that such a vote had occurred.

Van Drew and several other current House members would result in only the third attempts in American history of objecting to presidential electors.

Van Drew has been fiercely loyal to President Donald Trump, who has displayed his loyalty in return to Van Drew on countless occasions.

Van Drew has done so while also being faithful to the country and to the Oath of Office that he took to support and defend the Constitution of The United States.

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