My phone has not stopped ringing today. Some Republicans are unhappy with the vote that United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2 cast last night.

I want to take this opportunity to review the calculus that goes into making difficult decisions like this one.

In the end, 13 Republicans voted for the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill and 6 Democrats voted against it. The final vote late last night was 228 to 206.

Congressman Van Drew is one of the 13 Republicans who voted for it; so is Congressman Chris Smith, R-4. Smith is serving his 21st term in The United States Congress.

Both are reliably conservative. Both are also currently getting a lot of flak for casting this vote and creating an environment that appears to help President Joe Biden, Senate and House Democrats; who get to say that they have achieved a bi-partisan legislative success.

I take this opportunity to rise in support of Van Drew. As mad as some conservatives are right now, the vote is defendable and here’s why.

We have needed comprehensive infrastructure reinvestment for decades. Currently, there are 502 bridges in New Jersey rated as deficient.

Under the infrastructure legislation that Van Drew voted for, New Jersey will receive $6.9 billion for highways, $1.1 billion for bridges and $4.2 billion for transit over the next five years.

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In a Representative Republic, these are the kinds of difficult decisions that Congressmen have to weigh and measure very carefully.

I’ve interviewed Van Drew on the topic of infrastructure many times over the years. He has consistently maintained that he was inclined to support a comprehensive infrastructure spending measure when it was presented.

It’s also important to note that Van Drew is adamantly opposed to the $ 1.75 to 3.5 trillion plus in additional Democrat spending that has been proposed over the past 10 months.

The United States Senate passed the same $ 1 trillion infrastructure legislation back in August. The bill is now headed to President Biden, who will sign it into law.

The spending measure has passed just three days after Glenn Youngkin’s upset victory for Governor of Virginia; Governor Phil Murphy’s narrow win over Jack Ciatterelli, Senator Vince Polistina’s, R-2 rout of Vince Mazzeo and Steve Sweeney’s, D-3 shocking defeat at the hands of a political novice, Edward Durr.

In addition to the previous components mentioned, the legislation includes a minimum of $12.3 billion for New Jersey’s roads, bridges and transit, as well as billions of dollars more that can be used to build the Gateway Tunnel under the Hudson River.

So, the next time you decide to be mad at Van Drew, these are the reasons why he voted with mostly Democrats to pass this infrastructure legislation.

I agree with Van Drew’s vote. The vote that Van Drew cast is defendable and I do so here.

Here is Congressman Van Drew’s statement regarding the $ 1 trillion infrastructure legislation.

Van Drew Votes FOR Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill
with NO Tax Increases and NO Social Spending

AOC & Her Socialist Squad voted “NO,”
Furious Green New Deal & Reconciliation Bill EXCLUDED

United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew released the following statement in response to the confusion surrounding the Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill which he supported and several other pieces of legislation he OPPOSES which are currently pending before Congress.

“I voted NO on raising the debt ceiling. I voted NO on funding our government via short-term continuing resolutions. I voted NO whenever any Radical Socialist policy like Defunding the Police or the Green New Deal has come up

What I voted for last night was a bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed with broad Republican and Democrat support in the United States Senate and the overwhelming majority of which was the REAUTHORIZATION of all EXISTING federally funded transportation projects across the country. I also voted to invest an additional $550 billion in our nations' roads, bridges, dams, airports, seaports, and mass transit systems as well as to secure our vulnerable electric grid, replace our aging drinking water systems, and expand access to broadband internet particularly in rural areas. These are all hard infrastructure investments that Republicans and Democrats have agreed for years are desperately needed and that I believe are absolutely critical to a strong America and a strong South Jersey.

I have already VOTED AGAINST, spoken out AGAINST, and will continue to OPPOSE President Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill regardless of the final price tag. That is the bill that includes the tax increases, social spending, amnesty for illegals, IRS monitoring of bank accounts, and Green New Deal, again, all of which I have voted against, spoke out against, and will continue to oppose.”

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