Ventnor City, New Jersey will soon have a new Mayor, as Beth Maccagnano has confirmed to us that she will be stepping down.

The law requires that Maccagnano must do so.

Maccagnano has not decided on an exact date, advising that she will be selling her home for personal reasons and must leave the office when she no longer lives in Ventnor City.

This is the first public release of this news. We have also learned that Maccagnano shared the news with all of the city department heads just a little while ago.

To them, she wrote … “I wanted you all to know first. Unfortunately free will doesn't exist when it comes to the laws. My divorce is forcing me to sell my home,” said Maccagnano.

Maccagnano was first elected to the Ventnor City Commission in 2016 and re-elected in 2020. She has served as Mayor for the past seven years.

Beth Maccagnano photo.
Beth Maccagnano photo.

”We did exactly what we set out to do making Ventnor the best. With that said, I respect all of you for your dedication to our city,” said Maccagnano.

Maccagnano apologized for communicating the news digitally with her department heads but explained that she wanted them to hear the news directly from her and that she was emotional about having to leave office before her present term is complete.

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”This is truly heart-wrenching for me,” said Maccagnano.

When Maccagnano makes it official, the two remaining Commissioners (Lance B. Landgraf, Jr. and Tim Kriebel) will be able to appoint a third City Commissioner.

Depending on the time of the appointment, a special election could be required to fill the unexpired term of Maccagnano.

The three (3) City Commissioners will select a Mayor between them.

In the City Commission form of government, the voters elect three city commissioners, (every four years). The City Commissioners then select the Mayor. The residents do not actually elect the mayor.

In the City Commission government, the three (3) City Commissioners serve as both the legislative and executive branches of local government.

Maccagnano ended her communication with the staff, saying that “I truly love Ventnor. It runs through my veins. We have an awesome team and you will be just as awesome without me.”

In a great Father-Daughter achievement, Maccagnano’s Father, Paul Maccagnano served multiple terms on the Ventnor City Commission in the 1990s.

“Love you all and thank you for making this chapter of my life a wonderful experience. Hugs and lots of kisses, Beth (Maccagnano).”

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