Countless whales and dolphins have been dying with regularity along the New Jersey coast.

The bad politics are alive and not so well.

In a stunning role reversal … Republicans are pro environment and Democrats are proceeding at breakneck, bulldozer speed to craft 1,000 foot tall windmills along the New Jersey coast.

However, these elected officials and community leaders have stepped up throughout this controversy and were all speakers at today’s joint community meeting.

  • United States Congressman Van Drew
  • New Jersey State Senator Vince Polistina
  • Dr. Bob Stern, Save LBI Chris Placitelle, Esquire
  • Mayor Vince Sera, Brigantine

Many other local, county and state leaders have also demonstrated leadership.

A good friend, who is a former Mayor said this must be a bipartisan effort to defeat the offshore windmill scheme.

I wanted to agree … however, how can this be a bipartisan effort when the democratic party is in the tank?

Today’s joint community meeting is sponsored by the Downbeach Coalition, in direct partnership with Senator Polistina and Assembly Members Claire Swift and Don Guardian.

At least 250 people were in attendance today at the Eugene A. Tighe School in Margate City, New Jersey.

Congressman Van Drew has been passionate and relentless in his opposition to these behemoth structures, being fabricated and placed in the Atlantic Ocean, where they will stand 1000 feet tall.

The usual Democrats and left leaning environmental groups, who typically speak out with great regularity, have been silent or quiet about the potential negative environmental impact.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has also been racing to provide cover for the offshore windmill project.

Opponents of this project have called for a pause, in order to investigate whether or not this form of energy may have negative consequences.

The battle continues.

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