Here's something you don't see every day: a video of a man repeatedly whacking an expensive sports car with what looks like a yard tool.

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The scene unfolded recently in Vineland, NJ, at what appears to be the Vann dealerships on Delsea Drive.

A local resident tells us she was leaving a medical supply store that is located across the street when she began capturing video of a man with some type of yard or garden implement repeatedly hitting a Dodge Challenger R/T on their sales lot.

The footage shows several people staring in disbelief at what they are witnessing but no one attempts to stop the man as he breaks both mirrors off and thumps the fenders several times. The windshield also appears to be heavily damaged.

The end of the clip very briefly shows what appears to be a police officer standing off to the side.

I reached out to the Vineland Police Department seeking any information they had on the situation but had not heard anything at the time this story was published. Should they offer any details, they will be included here.

The video was posted to Facebook and in about 24 hours there were well over 800 comments.

One of those comments indicates the man in the video is/was experiencing some mental health issues, so we're not going to offer any additional speculation or commentary on the incident.

The State of New Jersey offers numerous options for those that need mental health help. Complete information can be found on their website.

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