A Hollywood actor and The American President happened to attend the same national college football championship game. They sat together. They spoke and exchanged a handshake. In any other era in American history, this would be unremarkable.

However, in the Age of Trump, the liberal extremists have lost their collective minds. On social media, the verdict is in. They have "cancelled" Vince Vaughn. That's the equivalent of a virtual "death sentence." The hard-left, Trump deranged crowd has decided that Vaughan has committed an unforgivable offense.

Imagine, Vaughn's crime was that he actually sat alongside President Trump and first lady Melania in a private box at the recent LSU vs. Clemson National Championship Football Game.

The backlash has been both harsh and hysterical. In the divided times that we live in, watch as this results in a noticeably negative impact to Vaughan's career.

Vaughn has openly supported Republican candidates in the past, so this should come as no surprise. He supported Ron Paul twice during his Presidential campaigns (2008 and 2012) and his son, Rand Paul's Presidential bid in 2016.

Vaughn has somehow managed to survive in an industry that almost demands of you to be a liberal Democrat. Vaughan has long maintained that his philosophy of governance makes him a Libertarian.

Vince Vaughn was not a "Wedding Crasher." He merely sat with the incumbent President of The United States at a marquee sporting event.

Ellen DeGeneres recently faced similar criticism. Her high crime was sitting with former United States President George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

America is presently on such a destructive course. Together, we must find a way to stop this sick culture, which seeks to ruin people's careers and lives.

Regardless of someone's political party or beliefs, merely sitting with an American President, past or present, must not result in you getting "cancelled" by the hate mob.

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