With political tribalism at an all-time high and civility between idealistic opposites non-existent, two politicians in Vermont just found unity through music. After a long debate, Republican Zac Mayo and Democrat Lucy Rogers performed a duet of Eddie Vedder’s “Society” for the standing-room-only crowd.

Rogers and Mayo are both running for a seat in the Vermont House of Representatives. Hoping to serve the Lamoille-3 district of Vermont, the nominees held a debate in Cambridge on Oct. 10. Rogers, a 23-year-old waitress, and Mayo, a 29-year-old construction worker, finished their two-hour debate by pushing away their tables and grabbing their respective instruments — a cello and acoustic guitar.

The Republican and Democratic nominees played and sang “Society” together as a statement of unity between opposing sides, using music to bring everyone in the room together. “What I would like people to take away, is that passionate debate is fine,” Mayo tells CNN. “That is a good thing to have, but we must always have civility and respect underlying all of it.”

Rogers adds on her Facebook page, “It is truly special to come from a small community where respect and open-mindedness are still considered virtues.”

Watch the duet of Eddie Vedder’s “Society” above and be sure, wherever you are in the U.S., to go out and vote Nov. 6. If you have any questions about how or where to vote, head over to Vote.org.

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