Ask ten people in New Jersey what their favorite diner is and you'll likely get twice as many answers.

Silver Coin Diner, Hammonton - Google Maps
Silver Coin Diner, Hammonton - Google Maps

There are things that we take very seriously in this state: our Jersey attitude, our Jersey beaches, and our Jersey diners. has released a list of what it believes are the best diners in each county in the Garden State. They took, "food, atmosphere, service, etc.," into account.

In Atlantic County, they give the nod to the Silver Coin Diner on the White Horse Pike in Hammonton with a runner-up award to the Harbor Diner in Egg Harbor City.

Cape May County: The Tuckahoe Family Diner -- says this place is where you want to sit in a booth all day and ignore the outside world.

Cumberland County: the Maurice River Diner gets the nod in what they say is a town most people have never heard of.

And in Ocean County: Mustache Bill's in Barnegat Light.

So, do you agree? And what do you think makes a great Jersey diner? Is it the service? A ridiculously large menu that's available around the clock? A waitress with a little bit of an attitude? Lots of neon?

Let us know what your favorite Jersey diner is in the comments section below!



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