"Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that something very big is about to break wide open.

Former New Jersey State Senator Bill Gormley is about to prove that you don’t need to hold elective office to achieve monumental results.

We’ll all have to wait just a little bit longer to see exactly what Gormley is up to.

But, this much I do know. It’s a very big deal. It will provide a major benefit to our region. And it will have legitimate national implications.

Gormley has been quiet, but, effective since his retirement from the New Jersey Senate.

The fact that he is about to make a major public splash, with his name actually on the program that is about to launch ... that’s big news right there.

Former N.J. Senator Bill Gormley Photo - Dlapiper.com
Former N.J. Senator Bill Gormley Photo - Dlapiper.com

Make no mistake about it. Gormley has been achieving many important results since his retirement from the New Jersey State Senate on February 17, 2007.

The difference is that he has been very low key about. He has focused the past 13 years on getting things done and purposely not seeking any attention whatsoever.

Gormley has been the driving force of many great programs and projects during the past 13 years. He’s allowed other people to shine and receive the credit. That’s true leadership. Results driven, with no worry about who gets the credit.

This major development will be different. Gormley’s name will be directly on this transformative work.

Don’t forget, Gormley is the one who delivered the Atlantic City Convention Center, along with the massive restoration of Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall (which, if life were fair, should bear his name) and, little known, is the fact that Gormley also delivered the funding for the Wildwood Convention Center. More about this another time in an article that I will be writing in the future.

Atlantic City often makes national, even international headlines for bad reasons. A truly undeserved reputation, but, undeniably it is the unfortunate perception.

This is the opposite of that. Gormley‘s about yo be recognized achievement is going to put Atlantic City on the national map.

Gormley has assembled talented working partners with impeccable reputations at the national, state, county and local levels. They’ve all joined the Gormley team in this soon-to-launch effort.

After this innovative program takes shape and then takes off here in our region ... The program that Gormley has first envisioned and now taken to fruition will feature our own local area talent, who will travel around the country, in a train-the-trainer modality.

Yes, that’s right, the Gormley/Atlantic City model is going to be replicated nationally.

I wish I knew more right now. Because, I would gladly share more.

As soon as this major news breaks in the very near future, look right here for a comprehensive “Hurley in the Morning” follow-up report.

I will name all of the names involved with this one-of-a-kind program.

Make no mistake about, Gormley is up to something really big.

As has always been the case for his entire career, the result will be a major benefit for our region.

However, this one kicks it up to another level when it goes national.

This will be a first of its kind.

What has Gormley achieved? It’s a game changer.

We’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to know.

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