It seems like there's no shortage of videos being posted online that have people asking if UFOs are visiting South Jersey.

The latest example comes from earlier this week over Atlantic City.

A person who identifies himself as "Mr. X [Hitman]" on YouTube posted a video that shows a bright object hovering motionless over the World's Play Ground.

We caution you that the video contains explicit language...

Now, we're not part of some giant media conglomerate that is in cahoots with the federal government to suppress UFO sightings and to attempt to persuade you into thinking that what you are seeing is not what you are seeing, however, let's keep a couple things in mind.

First, several planets are easily visible in the night sky. Over the past couple of weeks, Jupiter and Saturn have been next to each other and Jupiter has been particularly bright. Mars has also been rather bright, too. These planets are much brighter than stars are.

As for the object in the sky blinking, the only guess that we can offer is that the lower part of the window shown in the video has a screen or something grid-like over it. Moving the camera around would give the appearance that the object in the sky is blinking when it could just be blocked by the grid. That's our guess.

Ironically, this video from Atlantic City comes about a month after someone posted a video claiming a UFO was over Egg Harbor Township. In that cinematic treasure, a bright, white motionless light was observed just like the latest one.

So, what do you think? Does this same alien spacecraft keep visiting South Jersey (maybe they're looking to get into sports betting)?

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