With the National Football League Wildcard Playoff games taking place this weekend … a lot of submarine sandwiches will be consumed all over the Atlantic City area.

It’s one of the truly great sports weekends of the year.

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In honor of this special occasion, we’re taking a snap poll on our Harry Hurley Facebook Page … to obtain your opinion - vote for the following question:

Who Makes The Best Cheesesteak Sub In The Atlantic City Area?

1. Capri Pizza - Northfield

2. Chico & Son’s - Northfield

3. Dino’s Sub Shop - Margate

4. Pete’s Subs - EHT

5. Primo’s - EHT

6. Sack O’ Subs

7. Tony Boloney’s - Atlantic City

8. Vic’s Subs

9. White House Sub Shop - Atlantic City

NOTE: Our selection list is provided in alphabetical order to make it as fair as humanly possible.

To cast your vote, go to our Harry Hurley Facebook Page, where you will find the poll question provided above in order to vote in the comment section.

We are ending the vote tomorrow, Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., ET.

We have eaten many times at each of these (9) fine establishments. They are all high quality in nature.

It is going to be fun and interesting to see who wins.

We’ll announce the winner tomorrow at 2:00 p.m., exclusively right here, (not on my Facebook Page) as we’ll update this story and announce the winner right here.

Let’s have fun together with this.

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