Did you hear the one about the inflatable Pennywise who floated down on Renee Jensen's property over the weekend? After posting it on facebook and calling police, she ended up dousing the disgusting inflatable in olive oil, (no mushrooms, onions or peppers) throwing on some newspapers and burning it to ashes. Just to be safe, she also slept that night with a knife and her bedroom door locked. Take that Stephen King!

That's how we deal with clowns in New Jersey! I remember when my son Albert was scared of Pennywise. I told him not to worry because a clown would never survive in the New Jersey sewer system. Can you imagine a clown sticking his head up out of a Jersey sewer? I can see Jersey's own Joe Pesci kicking him in the face asking "What do I amuse you?" Then adding, "Now get your ass back down there and throw me up some spaldings." For those who don't know, they were little red balls used by city kids to play stick ball, punch ball, curb ball and many other games.

I'm very proud of Albert because to overcome his fear of Pennywise, he not only read "IT," but has seen the movie numerous times. I think he even waits by the sewer just in case the clown is stupid enough to show up!

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