We saw that there is a giant inflatable rat at the historic Vineland Municipal Electric Plant. This almost always means that there is a labor dispute of some kind.

So, we looked into this yesterday, and here’s what we’ve learned thus far.

For starters, we had a discussion with former Vineland City Mayor Robert Romano, who served as Mayor from July 2007 to January 2013, is the son of the late former Vineland Mayor Joseph Romano, and a retired Vineland City police department lieutenant.

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Here is what former Mayor Romano had to say about the current situation at the municipal electric plant:

“This electrical building is a truly historic building which needs to be protected as a truly historic structure in our great city of Vineland. My grandfather (in the 1920s) shoveled coal in order to power this building in those critical years. The administration was only authorized to tear down the coal stacks, not the entire plant, which is their current plan.”

It's important for some authority to step in and protect this historic landmark from the wrecking ball.

“Never in the course of my 40-year public career have I ever seen the unions protest with giant rats on Vineland public property. The administration is using non-union labor on this project. That's the reason that the inflatable rats are on the property,” said Romano.

Here is a look at the giant, inflatable rat as it currently stands in front of the Vineland Municipal Electric Plant.

Robert Romano
Robert Romano

You certainly don’t want to be responsible to bear the cost of purchasing the “cheese” required to feed this big, inflatable rat.

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