While you were busy getting together your Memorial Day barbecue plans, 13-year-old Jaxon Grauel of Wildwood Crest was working to put a smile on the faces of Veterans at the Jersey Shore.

Grauel thought it would be a great idea for all the Wildwoods to supply reserved parking spots to the veterans of the region after seeing a sign for them while up north with his dad.

6ABC.com reports that he asked his father why towns in this region don't do the same. His father advised him to get the mayors of the Wildwoods involved.

Grauel has multiple family members who've served in the armed forces, so he was passionate about the project and eager to see it get off the ground.

Grauel contacted the mayors with his idea and, well - it worked. Jaxon Grauel is now responsible for these parking spots making their way to our beaches.

Check out the post from Wildwood Crest's Facebook below!

Wildwood Crest via Facebook

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