In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, rescue protocols are currently undergoing a shift for summer, 2020.

The start of Memorial Day Weekend is just two days away and Wildwood lifeguards are preparing for an influx of people to hit the beaches.

There's no way to anticipate how many families will actually flock to the shore this weekend since the governors of both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have expressed their hesitation in encouraging people to enjoy their time outdoors on the sand.

Since there will be some sort of crowd this weekend, lifeguards are implementing new ways to maintain a decent level of social distancing while keeping swimmers, sunbathers, and beach-goers safe.

Normally, three lifeguards sit on chairs along the sand. Now, one will sit in the chair, one will walk up and down their assigned beach, and another will remain in the water. reports that in the event a rescue and CPR are needed, the lifeguards are instructed to wait for the EMTs arrive with oxygen while only applying chest compressions until then.

The best advice one can offer anyone planning to enjoy their Memorial Day weekend on the beach is to, quite honestly, not drown. Sounds harsh, but it's honest. If you want to be sure you won't need rescuing, don't put yourself in a predicament to need any.

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