As New Jersey's newly elected Democrats ride the big "blue wave" into the House, will they make Nancy Pelosi part of it?

One representative from South Jersey flat-out says no.

Appearing on The Todd Starnes Show on FOX News Radio Thursday afternoon, which was being guest hosted by WPG's Harry Hurley, Congressman-elect Jeff Van Drew simply said, "no" when directly asked if he would vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Van Drew told Hurley, "...that's not to be disrespectful to her... we're hopefully looking towards new bipartisanship, some new and different ideas... in this case, I really felt it was time for a change..."

The 78-year-old California representative said she will put herself up for a vote to become House Speaker when the next Congress meets in January. Many younger House Democrats have pledged to vote against her.

Third Congressional District candidate Andy Kim, who has declared victory in a tight race with incumbent Tom MacArthur, told the New Jersey Globe in June he did not support Pelosi. He called for "new leadership" from both parties.


With previous reporting from Dan Alexander.

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