Will United States President Donald Trump pardon or commute the federal prison sentence of his long-time ally Roger Stone?

We won’t have to wait much longer. It could come as early as this Sunday.

Multiple friends of mine, who are close to The President have told me that he wants to commute the sentence.

This would be similar to what former President George W. Bush did for Scooter Libby.

Bush’s rationale was that the prosecution was unjust and purely political in nature. But, Bush wanted to respect the unanimous guilty verdict reached by the jury. So, he chose commutation versus pardon.

A commutation lets the conviction stand, but, removes the prison sentence.

There was a bit of heat and some blow-back, but, Bush got away with it with no major problems For doing it.

The rules are very different for President Trump. There are no rules. Anything goes.

Remember, when Barack Obama went to Mount Rushmore, the media called it “majestic” and other glowing, patriotic terms.

They actually asked Obama if he would one day have his likeness added with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

When Trump went to Mount Rushmore on America’s Independence Day, the same media called it a “White Supremacy Rally,” and “two of them
were slave owners.”

Stone is due to report to federal prison on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, just several days from now.

The federal judge Amy Berman Jackson is very enthusiastic about sending Stone to prison, even though violent criminals are being given compassionate release because of COVID-19.

Unless President Trump is talked out if it, he is likely to commute Stone’s prison sentence before he has to report.

It’s the right thing to do. But, the Trump deranged media and their fellow Democrats will pounce.

It will be a vicious, unrelenting attack against President Trump.

Some are saying that President Trump will “lose” the Department of Justice if he does it.

The usual “Never Trumpers” are trying to stop it from happening.

Take a look at some of the hideous pardons granted by Obama and Bill Clinton. Some were completely indefensible.

But, the rules are very different for President Trump.

He’s going to take a firestorm of political heat for it. And, his re-election is in less than four months.

There are a lot of politically expedient reasons not to do it.

But, there is one compelling reason to do it. It’s the absolute right thing to do.

I can’t think of another President who would do something like this that’s totally against his own self interests, except for President Trump.

I think he’s going to do it.

NOTE: Today, Facebook closed all of Stone’s accounts for “policy violations.”

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