In an unscientific poll of WPG listeners on our website, most people don't believe Revel (now called TEN) will reopen anytime soon.

We recently asked people which one of four events will happen first in Atlantic City: Hard Rock Casino (the former Taj Mahal) will open, Revel/TEN will reopen, Trump Plaza will reopen, or the planned water park at the former Atlantic City Hilton/Atlantic Club site will open. poll results poll results

As the results show, most people believe the new Hard Rock Casino will open first. More interestingly, however, was the order of the other three possible answers.

More people say Trump Plaza will reopen (there are absolutely no rumors that anyone is even considering reopening Trump Plaza anytime soon) and the planned water park at the old Atlantic City Hilton / Atlantic Club will be planned, built, and opened before Revel/TEN welcomes people back.

Ironically, Revel/TEN is actually closest to reopening assuming Glenn Straub decides to get the necessary permits to own and operate a casino.


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