WPG listeners have strongly voiced their opinions against a proposal making its way through the state house in Trenton where the state would reimburse sanctuary cities if federal funding is cut.

Senate Democrats are looking to put their money where their mouth is - or at least the state's money - and protect sanctuary cities from potential funding cuts. Proposed legislation, S-3007, now on the fast track would have the state Department of Community Affairs provide grants to any county or municipality that sees its federal funding cut.

Senate President State Sweeney said of the potential cuts, “We’re New Jersey. Ellis Island is in New Jersey. The Statue of Liberty is in New Jersey. And we’re going to support policies that put walls up and chase people out? Not in New Jersey."

On the WPG Talk Radio 104.1 Facebook page, feedback on the proposal was decisively against the plan...

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Townsquare Media's Michael Symons contributed to this story.

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