We’re going to lose our country, if we don’t find a way to put a stop to the violence and theft that is destroying our way of life.

The York Post has provided excellent coverage of a rowdy group of about 100 young people ransacking a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wawa at 7001 Roosevelt Boulevard.

Here is the video obtained by the New York Post of the offenders, who were captured on video, which was shot inside the store as they ransacked the store at approximately 8:20 p.m. this past Saturday night, in northeast Philadelphia.

The young children were throwing food and beverage at one another during the rampage.

The New York post also confirmed earlier the children were seen Twerking on the store countertop.

This particular example of lawlessness occurred in Philadelphia. Similar conduct is taking place with great regularity all over America these days.

The lenient law enforcement philosophy of the past several years is creating a major problem throughout the country. Even the most violent offenders, are being released and put right back on the streets within hours of committing alleged serious offenses.

The poor job being done by district attorneys like Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, are causing businesses of all kinds to close their doors forever … because they cannot continue to afford the theft and property damage that they are experiencing on a regular basis. It’s made the cost of doing business nearly impossible.

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We have previously reported about a number of Wawa stores which have closed in Philadelphia.

According to the New York Post, an employee filmed the wild scene from directly behind the sandwich counter.

The employee gave the criminals some real straight talk, condemning their stupidity.

The simple fact remains, about 100 young children ransacked a Wawa convenience store.

The simple fact remains, about 100 young children ransacked a Wawa convenience store.

The big question is … what will Philadelphia, Pennsylvania district attorney Larry Krasner do about it?

SOURCE: New York Post.

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