There is something special about Summer in South Jersey!


Mark Wilson

I've lived in South Jersey for quite some time now, and there are a few things that are just a part of Summer time in South Jersey. So, I've put together this list...

You're Not From South Jersey If You Don't __________ in the Summer!

  1. Go to Cowtown Rodeo at least once
  2. Get cut off on the AC Expressway by a driver from PA
  3. Get cut off on the GS Parkway by a driver from NY
  4. Go for a walk on the Ocean City Boardwalk
  5. Sit in traffic on the weekend
  6. Get some frozen refreshment at Rita's, YoGo Factory, or Kohr Bros.
  7. Take in a Phillies game
  8. Find a tick on you
  9. Fly a kite on the beach in Wildwood
  10. Eat a slice of boardwalk pizza
  11. Get bitten by a greenhead
  12. Have some deep fried Oreos at a festival or street fair
  13. Had a seagull try to steal your food