We are now entering prime beach season with the big Fourth of July Weekend here. Beaches up and down the Jersey Shore will be packed with vacationers and swimmers alike, so now is a great time to brush up on some beach etiquette.

My wife and I spend almost every weekend during the summer on the beach. Sometimes I just sit and watch in amazement as the rules of proper beach etiquette are broken time after time. Maybe it's just me, but beach behavior seems to be getting worse every year.

This list hopefully will help you and fellow beach-goers enjoy a summer filled with lasting memories of our beautiful beaches.

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    Thou Shall Keep Your Distance

    This is my number 1 pet peeve while trying to enjoy the beach, especially when a family of 10 plops down literally on top of you.

    Here's a secret tip: Flags make a great perimeter to keep someone from getting to close for comfort. It's also awesome to show your patriotic side on the beach!

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    Thou Shall Know How to Use Your Umbrella

    It's no fun having to keep your eye on someone else's umbrella out of safety concerns. Make sure your umbrella is secure, especially on a windy day.

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    Digital Vision.

    Thou Shall Wear a Bathing Suit That Fits

    I've seen my share of Speedos and skimpy bikinis on the wrong people. The beach is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy yourself, but please, PLEASE make sure your swimsuit FITS you.

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    Creatas Images

    Thou Shall Not Shake Your Beach Towel in a Crowd

    I learned this one the hard way. My wife gave me the death stare when I did this on a crowded day. So did the people next to us after getting pelted with sand.

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    Thou Shall Not Use the Ocean as a Bathroom

    I know most of us have at one time or another used the ocean as a bathroom. Mostly as kids, right? Right??

    I know I've been tempted to do it myself, especially after drinking a extra large coffee, but let's use the facilities and keep our water clean.

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    Thou Shall Always Listen to the Lifeguards

    No exceptions on this rule, especially when the water is rough and filled with rip currents.

    My son is a lifeguard and I'm amazed at just how many times he has to go into rough waters to rescue someone simply because they wouldn't listen.

    Just remember, you're putting yourself in danger, as well the person who has to come in after you.

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    Thou Shall Not Litter

    There's nothing worse than seeing our beautiful beaches filled with yesterday's trash. Please be sure to clean up after yourself and always dump your trash in the garbage.

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    Hemera Technologies

    Thou Shall Not Smoke

    Certain South Jersey beaches have actually banned smoking, yet it's a tough one to enforce. Let me just tell you though, nothing ruins a perfect day outside getting some fresh air than having to smell a cigar or cigarette.

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    Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Thou Shall Not Feed the Seagulls

    Feeding seagulls or any birds on the beach could be harmful to the birds themselves. Please make sure your children also adhere to this rule. I'd rather not have my lunch dive bombed by a bunch of hungry seagulls!

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    Thou Shall Not Blast Your Music

    Ok, this is the one where I have some reservations because, I used to do this when I was younger...back when I still had most of my hearing. These days I cringe when I hear someone blasting their music, especially if it's something I dislike immensely. Headphones, people, headphones.

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