We took a look at many of the stores that have closed in New Jersey during 2022.

Our list is not complete and does not include countless boutique stores and restaurants that have also closed forever this year.

This apocalypse of sorts has played out like a delayed fuse, a direct result of the COVID pandemic, runaway inflation, cost increases, and inability to attract and retain employees.

Additionally, violence, destruction, rioting, and vandalism have been at the root cause, forcing the closing of numerous stores and restaurants throughout America.

The following compilation is only big box retail store closings that have taken place during 2022.

During the year, we have reported about two ACME Market grocery stores that have closed in New Jersey in Middlesex and Morris Plains.

Various Amazon stores have closed in New Jersey, in East Rutherford and Wayne. Additionally, stores that were going to be be built in Cherry Hill and Galloway Township will not occur.

Barnes and Noble booksellers has closed its New Jersey location on Raritan Road after more than 24 years in business.

Bed, Bath and Beyond closed many stores, covering 19 states, including a New Jersey store in Edgewater New Jersey.

CVS has closed hundreds of stores nationwide, including a New Jersey store in Metuchen.

There is only one Kmart store left in New Jersey after the closing of its Avenel store.

Stop & Shop has closed New Jersey stores in Paramus and South Brunswick. Another store will close in 2023 in Highland Park.

Super Foodtown closed its Ocean Township store. There are still about 11 stores open throughout New Jersey. They also have dozens of remaining stores in Pennsylvania and New York.

Walgreens closed its Middletown, New Jersey store.

Reminder, this list is incomplete and only covers the big box store category and not the many boutique operations that have closed in 2022 in record numbers.

Look at your own community, where countless restaurants and other local specialty stores have closed; many after operating for generations.

SOURCE: Numerous Townsquare Media published reports.

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